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Interesting facts , winners and FAQs on Queen’s Plate 2022

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Interesting facts , winners and FAQs on Queen’s Plate 2022

Queen’s Plate is the oldest Thoroughbred horse race in Great White North. This race has been held in variety of distance in the past though from 1957 onwards , standard distance of 1+1⁄4 miles (2 .01 kilometres) has been maintained. Woodbine Racetrack in Etobicoke, Ontario hosts the race each summer. Queen’s Plate is also the first leg of Canadian famous Canadian Triple Crown. It is also One of Canada’s oldest traditional and prestigious horse racing event. The official website for the Queen’s plate is woodbine.com/queensplate.

Queen’s Plate 2022

163rd Running of the Queen’s Plate sporting event took place on 21August,2022. The purse for the event for amount was CDN $1 million. Filly Moira, a Canadian bred Thoroughbred horse won the 2022 Queens plate title. Rafael M. Hernandez was the Jockey and Kevin Attard was the trainer’s name. Moira posted record time of 2:01.48 on synthetic track.

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Let’s have a looks on some interesting and lesser-known facts about Queen’s Plate and most common FAQs

History behind the name as Queens Plate

Originally known as Queens plate since its origin, its name then changed to King’s Plate during the span from 1901 to 1952, when ruling monarch was male after demise of Victoria in 1902. Again in 1952 when Elizabeth II came into power it became Queen’s Plate again.

Thoroughbred horse Qualification

A Thoroughbred breed of horse participate in the Queen’s plate race which is correctly restricted to 3 years old foaled in Canada. Maximum no of 17 Thoroughbred horses can participate in the race.

Track Surface

The track used for Queens plate is Synthetic- Tapeta track. In this a mixture of Sand, rubber, fibre and wax is installed on top of either porous asphalt or a geotextile membrane.

Participation Fee

The owners willing to participate in Queens Plate event must pay a nomination fee in February, followed by a second subscription fee in May and final entry fee prior to the race

Variety of distances

In past races has been held in various distance as shown below.

  • 1957- Till date: 1+1⁄4 miles (2.01 km)
  • 1924–1956: 1+1⁄8 miles (1.811 km)
  • 1887–1923: 1+1⁄4 miles (2.01 km)
  • 1872–1886: 1+1⁄2 miles (2.4 km)
  • 1871: 1+3⁄4 miles (2.82 km)
  • 1868–1870: 2 miles (3.2 km)
  • 1860–1867: 1-mile (1.6 km) heats

First Queens Plate event and Prize

First ever Queens plate event was conducted on June 27, 1860, at the Carleton racetrack in Toronto. Its prize money was a plate to the value of 50 guineas.

Records and History

Seagram Stables, a Canadian Thoroughbred horse racing operation has won the Queen’s plate title on maximum 20 Occasions.  Avelino Gomez, Sandy Hawley and Robin Platts are the jockey who have won the title on maximum time. (4 times each). Harry Giddings Jr and Roger Attfield are the trainers with maximum Queen’s plate wins (winning on 8 Occasions).

How can Canadian’s wager on The Queen’s Plate?

It’s very convenient for Canadian to wager on this most traditional and classy horse racing event. There are several apps and websites which facilitates online betting on Queens Plate.

Dark Horse Bet-powered by woodbine– If you are amateur in horse racing it’s the best place to start. You can download this powerful app of woodbine and can enjoy its features. To start you can play with virtual coins on this app. You can view live odds, win percentage and past race records also. It has a unique feature of SmartPicks predictions which is AI based unique data driven tool which gives you expert recommendations, so that you can place bet confidently. One can also watch live high-resolution streaming of the event.

HPIbet- It’s a dedicated horse racing wagering platform for Canadians to wager on various horse racing event including Queen’s plate event. One can access this from anywhere by any device so it’s very convenient, easy and secure.

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