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5 Sporting Events with maximum viewers across Canada

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Sporting Events in Canada with Maximum Views

Canadians are very passionate for sports love watching a wide range of games. Ice Hockey is National Sports game of Canada. Other major professional games which Canadian’s play, and watch are baseball, basketball and football and lacrosse. Great achievements by individual sportsperson in Canadian sports are recognized and rewarded by Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Canada also shares few major professional sports leagues with US.

Let’s have a look to top sporting event in Canada which get maximum Viewership.

Ice Hockey

Without any second thought Ice Hockey tops the list of most viewed sports in Canada. Canadian people watch this game with lots of enthusiasm and zeal. The most professional Ice Hockey League is NHL which comprises of 32 Teams – 7 Out of which belongs to Canada and 25 from US. Rogers Communications has the national broadcast and cable television rights for NHL currently. 2022 Stanley cup finals attracted more than 4.5 million viewership, out of which 1.8 million were between 18-49 Age. 2022 Stanley Cup play-off had more than 1.5 million viewers across various broadcast networks like ESPN and ABC.


It’s a summer sport for Canadians. It is the mostly watched game after Ice Hockey. In Canada we have two professional lacrosse leagues- National Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse. In 2022, Cannon-Archer game on ABC was recorded as most viewed outdoor professional lacrosse game. It had whopping peak viewership around 620,000 Viewers.


NFL drags big audience towards their television sets in Canada. NFL overall viewership was up by 10 % in 2021 as compared to last year. On average per game, it had 17 million viewers combined on television and Digital Platforms. NFL regular season games accounted for 48 of the top 50 most viewed telecasts. Another pro football league CFL engaged more than 500,000 viewers on average per game in week7 of 2022 Season.


Baseball in another favourite game which every Canadian loves to watch. MLB is professional baseball league of Canada. 2022 MLB All-star game have on average 7 million viewership across ESPN network. Other regular MLB games hit around 1 million plus viewership in ongoing MLB 2022. On August 11, 2022, Field of Dreams Game between Cubs-Reds in MLB had 3.1 million viewers on average.


NBA (National Basketball Association) is very popular sports league in Canada. Toronto Raptors is the only Canadian team which participates in this league. NBA 2022-23 season schedule has been announced and it will be kick starting very soon. It is expected to have scaled up viewership this year as compared to 2021. WNBA opening weekend games had 300 percent increase in the viewership in 2021 as compared to previous year. There was also interesting research by Solutions Research Group (SRG) in 2021 which showed that NBA Ranks first among new Canadians. Around 56% of newcomers follow NBA.

Apart from above there are few other sporting events also which every Canadian enjoy watching and get good amount of viewership. These are Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Tennis Grand Slam Tour, Formula 1, Curling etc.

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