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Master Your Skills in Poker? 9 Useful Tips Which Could Lead You to Winning Table

by Your Daily Hunt
Master your skills in Poker

Poker and Canadian History

Since the legalization and amendments of the gambling law in Canada, the gambling has become a major revenue industry in Canada. There are more than 100 Casinos operating in the county. Poker is one of the most played card games in these casinos. Though Poker is national card game of USA, but Canadians are far better than US when it comes to playing Poker online.

When we talk about Poker how can we forget Randy Blumer, a Canadian businessman who started the multibillion-dollar online poker industry with the launch of Planet Poker on Jan 1st ,1998.

Canada has produced some famous poker players like Daniel Negreanu, Kristen Bicknell, Mike Watson, and many others. Jonathan Duhamel, of Quebec, Canada also won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2010 for $8.9 million

Canadian Poker Platforms

There are many official online poker websites available in Canada where Canadians can play Poker and make real money.  Examples: 888 Poker, JackpotCity Casino, PokerStars, Bodog etc.

If anyone not willing to play poker online, there are more than 50 licensed poker rooms also available in Canada. Some most familiar venues for Poker are Playground Poker Club (Kahnawake), Niagara Fallsview (Ontario) and Casino Montreal (Montreal)

Best Tips to win the Poker

Here are few common tips if you want to increase your winning percentage in Poker

  • Poker Rules and Positions- First and foremost you should spend good time in understanding Basic poker rules and Poker hand rankings. These rules and Poker hand Rankings should be on your tips and should not get confused to take decision when playing live Poker.
  • Start with Low Stakes– If you are new to Poker world and still exploring its highly recommended to start with low stakes. This will give you more comfort and confidence during live play knowing that not big amount is on risk. Even if you lose at beginning it will not distract you and eventually you will learn the game gradually without losing big bucks. Also, when you play with low stakes it’s a high probability that you are opponent also belong to same category and he is not the Pro Poker player. This will help you to not lose your money against expert players and you can upskill Ur self slowly without wasting much amount.
  • Find the Best Games for You- Its very simple if you want to win you have to keep your’ s ego aside in Poker.  So, try to avoid best poker player while playing else you will end up loosing all of you hard earned money. For example: Even If you are 4th best in the world but you keep playing against the Top 3 its high possibility that you will end up on the wrong side sooner or later. Below are some tips to find best games for you:
  • Once needs to look for best games which suits his format (Cash Games or MTTs)
  • Research when we can find peak traffic while playing online and more player options.
  • Avoid Multi Table Play- If you want to learn all poker strategy and focused on getting all information so it’s recommended that you avoid muti table play in start of your Poker career. You should be focused on playing single table and explore how your opponents are playing and try to gather as much information as possible. You can check out what hands does you opponents have at showdown. You should also utilize your position to increase your winning probability.
  • Avoid Emotions during play- Don’t let your emotions harm you financially while playing poker. Its obvious that we may feel annoyed and sad when we lose a game, but it should not affect our next game as it will make the things even worse. Do don’t start a new game when you are annoyed, sad, or drunk. It may sound very common thing but it the most practical tip for becoming a better Poker player.
  • Take your Time- This is a common mistake which few advance players also commit.  Especially at the beginning of your poker career its not very easy to recall everything at once, like Poker Hand rankings, your positions, Opponent’s card and much more like that. That is why once should stick to basic and take plenty of time before making any decision during play.
  • Avoid Bluff- Some people play bluff too much and they end up loosing huge money. It’s recommended not do play bluff much when you are new to this game. Just follow basic rule that you must play when you have a hand and fold when you don’t. Of course, when you will become a more mature player and start playing bigger games with more stakes you need to learn the art of bluff also as many players play bluff more aggressively. But to start with just avoid bluffing.
  • Fold – A Best Practice -Please take this tip seriously. you should be folding a lot and even some of your strong hands, when your passive opponents who are just calling all the time start raising out of nowhere. Most of the time one pair hands even as good as a top pair or an overpair should go into muck. In starting you may have some problems letting go of these hands but be assure it will help you a lot in long run.
  • Have knowledge of probabilities

If you are having familiarity with probabilities in poker , you may  have a great chance over your opponents. This is due to the facts that  if the player knows which cards are most likely to be drawn, he can play accordingly and thus increase the chances of winning. We have listed out  some handful of the most important probabilities compiled:

  • The probability of a royal flush is around 1 in 650,000 hands. This means that on average you will hit a royal flush every 650,000 hands.
  • A straight flush is about 1 in 72,000 hands.
  • A Four of a Kind is about 1 in 4,000 hands.
  • That of a flush is around 1 in 500 hands
  • That of a full house is around 1 in 700 hands
  • That of a straight is around 1 in 250 hands
  • That of a Three of a Kind is around 1 in 50 hands
  • That for two pair is around 1 to 20 hands


So, if you follow the above tips in the beginning of your Poker journey it will help you to become a better Poker player and win big amount. These will help you to learn poker strategy faster and protect you from common mistakes that other players do which cause them a big loss of money.

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