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The Story Behind Greg Hamilton’s WWE Release

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Greg Hamilton

Due to Greg Hamilton’s sudden departure from WWE, the main roster now features just one full-time announcer. On October 26, 2021, news broke that WWE had fired announcer guy Greg Hamilton after six years of service. Since the corporation didn’t make this information public, many people speculated about why Hamilton had been fired under such unremarkable circumstances that it went unnoticed. Here is all the information you need to know about Greg Hamilton’s WWE Release.

Over the past year, WWE has not been shy about letting go of personnel; since the start of 2021, the business has dismissed over 100 performers and internal staff members, and many more were let go the year before that. No one appeared to be protected from being fired, not even celebrities, ring announcers, or businesspeople.

With the former announcer’s fight with rapper Westside Gunn still in the air and without a transparent settlement or conclusion between the two men, the narrative of Greg Hamilton’s unexpected WWE dismissal is still a little murky. 

Despite frightening Gunn with legal representation from WWE, this never materialized since it is pretty probable that WWE was upset with its attorneys getting involved in such a public conflict without prior notice. Even then, the precise circumstances behind Hamilton’s release are still unknown. The situation wasn’t over yet, though, as Gunn ran into additional difficulty with his usage of WWE materials, which is discussed after this article, so the problems between Hamilton and Gunn may not have been personally resolved.

Greg Had Been Involved In A Potential Legal Dispute

The situation wasn’t over yet, though. Gunn ran into additional difficulty with his usage of WWE materials, which is discussed after this article, so the problems between Hamilton and Gunn might not have been personally resolved. Within the last few weekends, Hamilton gained notoriety for his online fight with rapper Westside Gunn over the latter’s alleged use of voice samples without his knowledge or agreement on a number of his tracks. Hamilton threatened a lawsuit, saying that if the conflict went any further, WWE attorneys would support him. 

Hamilton is no new to internet controversies; in the past, he was forced to retract remarks against Lio Rush. Not long after, Hamilton’s social media accounts had all references to WWE removed. The placement of this event was indeed intriguing and led to numerous internet queries and rumors. Several individuals questioned whether Hamilton’s termination from the company, which was later confirmed, had anything to do with the reports of a legal conflict with Gunn.

Hamilton said that the discharge was done mutually

After brief interim privatization, Hamilton announced his separation from WWE, saying it was done out of “mutual respect” and that, given his advanced age and family obligations, year-round touring wasn’t a natural choice going ahead. Many members of a roster and other staff likely settled due to WWE’s limited long-term residences during the pandemic, including the Performing Arts Center and Thunderdome, and the company’s inability to tour the nation. As a result, some staff members probably found it challenging to return to the road.

It’s still unclear where the Westside Gunn disagreement stands right now and whether it had anything to do with Hamilton’s termination from the firm because neither Hamilton nor anyone else involved in the case mentioned it. Given that Hamilton’s release coincides closely with the current round of layoffs, it seems improbable that Hamilton’s exit would result from a mutual choice. However, there is always a possibility that Hamilton’s explanation is the real cause of his departure from the organization. Thus he should indeed be given the benefit of the doubt.

Westside Gunn Received Copyright Claims From WWE

Following Hamilton’s dismissal, WWE replaced him with Samantha Irvin on Smackdown, and Mike Rome serves as the ring announcer on Raw. Hamilton’s time away from WWE hasn’t been quiet; he recently disclosed that he was engaged in a particularly terrible vehicle accident, from which he managed to walk away largely unharmed. He hasn’t yet returned to ring commentary, and it’s unclear where his future endeavors will lead him—whether they’ll be in the realm of professional wrestling or something else entirely. In any case, WWE has missed his announcing, especially since he was such a constantly heard voice for so many years. He has a significant presence and a distinct skill.

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