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Top 4 popular games , getting maximum bets in Canada

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Top Betting Games

Online Game betting fever is rising sky high in Canada with latest amendments in betting legal law which was passed in the parliament in June 2021. This bill allowed single game wagers betting.  With this new law the Online betting Industry revenue has gone from strength to strength and speculators predict that it will cross 100 billion Dollars in just few years. With Upcoming sports reason knocking doors in Canada again we can clearly see the buzz mainly among youngsters for online game betting. MLB, NFL, MLS, NHL, NBA, and Canadian Football League are among major sports events watched in Canada. Though Hockey has a special place in Canadian’s Hearts but there are several other games also which gives good options for online betting. Just a piece of advice if you are new to this online betting and don’t know on which game to bet, just follow basic thumb rule, and go for the game which you are most acquainted with. For expert Canadian which are all-rounder from this field can bet on multiple games.

Lets’ have a quick look on Top 3 Popular games which are attracting maximum bets and Revenue in Canada online betting Industry.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl- A attraction for many audiences across USA and Europe. In an analytical survey fact were revealed that around $8 Billion were on stake by sports lovers of States , making this event to be one of the hot favorite among Bookies.

Having few of the extra ordinary online platforms and extended betting markets (local as well as Foreign) , Super Bowl is helping the wager to earn handsome rewards with diverse betting options which also includes future and in-game bets.

NHL (National Hockey League)

Ice hockey can be considered as the dark sheep of this list. Out of 32 participating teams , 7 comes from Canada. Few of the popular name in this list are Montreal Canadiens having 24 Stanley cups as feathers in hat.

Edmonton Oilers , Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs are some other names in the list

As we all know Hockey is National Winter Sports for Canada. Pride, Enthusiasm, and passion which every Canadians gets from hockey can’t be compared with any other sports. This country also holds some unbreakable records in hockey, winning gold twice in both men and women’s category in Olympics. The unmatched popularity of this game is making it a perfect candidate for online betting.

It doesn’t make any surprise that hockey and NHL in particular tops the list among the sports which are getting maximum bets.

NHL Regular season has around 82 games giving an individually plenty of options to bid. Post that there are playoffs and final.

We do have variety of betting options here as well , however a strong preference is given to straightforward win bets.

Basketball (NBA)

Many few people around the world know the fact the basketball was invested by a Canadian. Yes, you read it correctly it was James Naismith from Canada who invested this game. Toronto Raptors is the Canadian team which participated in NBA. Basketball fever is continue growing in Canada due to splendid performance by few of Canadian stalwarts’ players in NBA in past few years. Due to its growing popularity, it has become preferred choice for online game betting, and it is getting good response also.

Baseball (Major League Baseball)

Usually in summers baseball becomes the go to sports in Canada which attracts huge online sports betting. This game has good fan following and its mostly viewed among Canadians. It is considered as one of the best online betting sports. MLB regular season has 162 games which gives a mouth-watering opportunity for individuals to bet as compared to 82 games in NHL and NBA. Bettors can place their bets properly in this long course of MLB season which increases their chance to win more.

Football, Gold and Boxing are other few sports which are attracting online betting from Canadians

Canadian Sportsbooks offering Online Game betting

There are many official websites available in Canada from where you can place your bets in any of these sports. These are legal, authorized, and trustable websites. They also offer bonuses sometimes to individuals.

Considering various aspects like sports variety, User Interface, Bonuses, Best odds below is the list of Top sportsbooks in Canada for online game betting




Mansion Bet


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