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2023 Winter Vacations in Canada -“11 Adventurous Winter Sports” Waiting for You

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2022 winter Vacations in Canada -“11 Adventurous Winter Sports”

Are you planning for some adventurous sports and thrill in your life, if yes then you are most welcome to the land of Great White North. Canada is one of the best countries around to world to enjoy winter sports for any traveler. So, what are you waiting for just pack your bags and get ready to explore moments of the life. There is no match for winter sports in Canada. The landscapes in Canada are astonishing and stunning.

What makes Canada a best place for winter Sports?

Below are few things Which makes this country a perfect battleground for Winter sports.

Weather and Climate: Average Temperature which ranges across Canada from -5°C to -35°C. This extremely low temperatures, chilling air and deep snow makes Canada a amazing place for winter sports.

Panorama View-Natural wonders like Appalachian Mountains, the Great Lakes and volcanoes, Rocky Mountains add charms to the beauty of Canada in Winter. Canada encircles a wide variety of terrain.

Popular Winter Sports to explore in Canada.

Let’s have a look below on famous and most adventurous Winter sports in Canada

Skiing in Canada

It’s one of the best sports of extreme winter. Canada also has some of the world’s best Ski resorts in the likes of Whistler Blackcomb and Big White. Whistler Blackcomb provides the highest slope for skiing in Canada. Deep snow and long winters give the best experience of skiing in Canada.

winter sports: Skiing in Canada
winter sports: Skiing in Canada

Ice Hockey in Canada

 Undoubtedly Ice hockey is one of the best winter sports in Canada. It’s a part of the Canada culture and considered as national winter game. This sport is played by all generations – Children, men, and women across various levels. NHL, a professional Ice Hockey league of Canada and America makes this sport more buzzing across the country.

winter sports :Ice Hockey
winter sports :Ice Hockey

Snowmobiling in Canada

One of the best outdoor winter sports to enjoy in Canada with your friends. in Canada, Ontario is one of the best places for snowmobiling. Charismatic natural beauty of Canada, Well-groomed and clear looping trails makes this sport more exciting and adventures.

winter sports: Snowmobiling
winter sports: Snowmobiling

Curling in Canada

This game is played on long Ice sheet. We recommend you must try this game once at least once in your life. In this game players slide stones on a sheet of ice toward a target area. The targeted area is a circle having concentric rings.  It’s much like shuffleboard and bowls. Various curling championships across the country are organized by the Curling Canada. Canada men’s and women’s curling team also represent national level in the world.

Winter Sports : Curling
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Lacrosse National Sport of Canada

This is Canada’s national sport. It can be played in both winter and summer season. Various lacrosse competitions are organized by The Canadian Lacrosse Association across the country for both men and women. This game involves a lacrosse stick (long handled) which is used to catch, carry, or throw a lacrosse ball down the field or into the opponents’ net.

Winter Sports :Lacrosse
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Dog Sledding in Canada

This sport in Canada gives a totally different kind of wilderness experience. Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon are some of the best places to enjoy this winter sport in Canada. In this sport a sled used to travel over ice through snow is pulled by a group of dogs. Before snowmobiles came into existence, dog sledding was one of the best ways to roam Canada during the winter months.

Winter Sports  : Dog Sledding
Winter Sports : Dog Sledding

Snowshoe in Canada

This winter sports is slowly gaining popularity among local Canadians. If you want to explore great outdoors in Canada during winter on foots this is the perfect way. Snowshoeing doesn’t require a lot of equipment; all you need is just snowshoes. You can visit Algonquin Park in Ontario or Gatineau Park in Quebec for some best Snowshoeing experience. It’s a perfect winter sports for someone who is not too athletic.

Winter Sports  : Snowshoe
Winter Sports : Snowshoe

Ice Fishing in Canada

Millions of delightful and appealing lakes with freezing temperatures make Canada one of the best places to explore ice fishing. Long winter season makes it more appealing winter sports. Lake Simcoe, Muskoka Lakes, Bay of Quinte, and Lake of the Woods in Ontario are few best Ice fishing lakes in Canada to explore. Ice fishing is quite easy, but you need to be very patient as it may take a while for you to catch a fish.

Winter Sports  : Ice Fishing
Winter Sports : Ice Fishing

Ice Climbing in Canada

Do you want to check how athletic you are? Try Ice climbing through frozen waterfalls and ice-covered rock walls. This is highly technical sport and need to be done as instructed with extreme caution. Canmore and the Canadian Rockies offer some of the best ice climbing spots in the world. Ice climbing is unbelievably exhilarating sport to be experienced in life.

Winter Sports: Ice Climbing
Winter Sports: Ice Climbing

Snow kiting in Canada

You must try Snow kiting if you want to experience the next level of thrill of skiing and snowboarding. snow kiting is simpler for those who already know skiing or snowboarding. Snow kiting can be done over fields, hills, and cliffs. snow kiting in Spray Lakes near Canmore is one of the best spots to visit. In this sport we Jump on the board and use the kite to allow the wind to carry us across fast ice or fluffy powder snow. If you’re completely new to this sport, its highly recommendable that you must reserve 3-4 days of tuition before start.

Winter Sports : Snow kiting
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Downhill Snow tubing in Canada

One can say that Snow tubing is the 2.0 version of tobogganing. It’s an amazing outdoor activity that simply involves gravity pulling you down on a snow packed slope while you ride on an inner tube having added element of spinning. Higher and steeper the slope, more amount of fun you’ll have. Horseshoe Valley in Ontario, Coca-Cola Tube Park in British Columbia, Village Vacancies Val Cartier in Quebec are one of the best places to explore Snow tubing in Canada. This is a complete fun family winter sports activity. You don’t need to be a mountain expert to enjoy snow tubing, you just need to sit and hold tight the tube and enjoy the thrill.

Winter Sports : Downhill Snow tubing
Winter Sports : Downhill Snow tubing

So, what are you waiting for just pack your bags and explore these winter sports in Canada to unleash lifelong experience and thrill.

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