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Sex toys in luggage? Check listed countries where you may face the trouble !!!

by Your Daily Hunt

Looking for Break in upcoming Holidays of 2022? We do have some top destinations where you can increase your excitement with multiple folds. But be aware !! if you are carrying any sex toys to selected countries as you may face some legal issues which will make your travel plan unpleasant experience.

Yup, that’s correct , we do have certain countries where sex toys are “obscene,” and are often grouped together with pornography

Sex toys, are basically used for our sexual gratification and pleasure. A simple definition, right? Unfortunately, this was always controversial topic and is grabbed by the  legality and ethics. A good percentage of society have belief saying it is perfectly fine to have some  self-pleasure  with these sex toys like dildos, vibrators , Massaging bullet etc. But we also have some different views also that sex toys are immoral under the grounds that it promotes nothing but obscene behaviour. 

Now the interesting fact is that With all these diversification in opinion, sex toy industry is still booming all over the world.

If we talk of about health prospective, sex toys are completely harmless until they are used as directed, in fact they are enjoyable.

Majority of these countries which have legal ban on sex toys,  permit the sale and purchase of medicine for sexual dysfunction and other than enhances sexual pleasure. The permission towards such objects is coming from a strict acknowledgement of sexual pleasure in the society. Authorities and Lawmakers in these countries highly recognise the need for sexual satisfaction but they do not allow the use of any such physical object that simply enhances the sexual satisfaction.

As said earlier this topic will never be on platform of common agreement and we will acknowledge many more debates with pros and cons depicting facts and figures in different parts of the world. Overall, we need to be more careful while travelling to following countries to avoid any mishap.

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates


Sex toys are banned in both of these nations as they follow Islamic law. You may face confiscated or even persecution if traced. Interestingly, first “halal” sex shop in Saudi Arabia is not carrying any  sex toys. They just include scented candles,   oils,  creams etc aiming to “increase feelings of sensuality and to improve the atmosphere between the couple.”

The Maldives 

The Maldives

Maldives is always among the top destination for celebrities. But be aware !! you may have the Sun scream but don’t take the risk to carry any sex toys  Sex toys are banned under the pornography law, anything that imitates such obscenity is considered banned in the country. This country even not allow the permit for sale or purchase within the country either. The Maldives strictly follow the sharia law, hence the religious base of the ban. 



Now this is the biggest surprise and black sheep on this list because Thailand  , a country which is known where people from all over the world come for amazing entertainment.

In Thailand, you may try delicious Thai food , tour Buddhist temples , visit morning markets but  conditionally you have to leave your sex toys at home. Sex toys fall under list of prohibited goods of Thailand , specifically “obscene objects,” and is also banned from being brought into the country. You may avail a few from black market but its illegal and quality would be very poor.



Vietnam in 2011 officially banned the sex toys . the General Department of Vietnam Customs announced that Vietnam officials will not be allowing any import of sex toys.

In case any passenger is traced carrying any sex toys in his luggage will be ordered to them over to customs officers, and the objects will be kept and returned to the passengers once you exit the country.



In Cuba Sex toys are considered to be a form of pornographic content. Legally we don’t have much details about the actions but we do have some references where tourists faced some trouble while carrying sex toys . Hence, better to avoid them while visiting to this Island.


Taj Mahal, India

India with diversity in every state related to  people, traditions, and landscapes. But when it comes to sex toys you won’t be feeling the good vibrations , at least not legally.

This country  may be the home of the Kama Sutra but according to Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code :  any drawing , any book, figure / object, “shall be deemed to be obscene” if it fuels any lascivious, or overtly sexual thoughts and behaviors, and Section 67 of the IT Act makes that law also applies to online businesses. Massagers that are phallic in shape are illegal. Hence you may be having a bad experience if you are coming to this part of South Asia.



One more Islamic nation following Sharia law which bans any such sale purchase or carrying of sex toys. In Malaysia, you may taste  mixed spicy fried rice cakes, take diving lessons, and explore old caves. But you won’t dare to buy or bring in sex toys.

The United States (Alabama)


Alabama is the only  state in USA where sex toys are prohibited. This was due to a law from the end of the 20th century “The 1998 Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act, “, which is banning the sale of adult toys. The statement which makes this law more confusing is that you can still own one. Sex shops are now allowed in the state. Therefore, you can easily resolve that by shopping online.

Lets hear the words Liberal Europe?

As we have framed , Europe represents the most liberal and progressive part of the world , but we have some odd’s here as well . Countries like Lichtenstein, Andorra ,Albania and  Moldova have laws that are making it illegal. We do have some other discussions also  that these are only some outdated laws since there are no examples where people are getting penalties for owning these toys. Check out more details on Sex toys gaining popularity all across the globe.

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