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Canon W Jack Curry: 8 Interesting Facts On Steph Curry’s Son

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Canon W Jack Curry

Steph still has a lot to celebrate in the off-season with a beautiful family with his beautiful wife Ayesha Curry who is a celebrity in her own right. Ms. Curry is not just another typical NBA wife sitting on the sidelines, as she is an accomplished cookbook author, actress, and well-known TV personality with her own line of makeup and cookware.

Riley and Ryan, the daughters of Stephen Curry have been the protagonists of many videos shared on Instagram by Ayesha, the wife of the NBA star and who is on the way to 8 million followers. But Riley, the first-born daughter of the Golden State Warriors player, and Ryan Curry who famously appeared as a dance duo covering ‘Black Is King’ one of Beyoncé’s vindictive songs, now need to share the spotlight with their younger brother Canon W Jack Curry

8 Things To Know About Steph Curry’s ‘Successor’: Canon W Jack Curry

1. Born on a Monday:

Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha, welcomed a baby boy on Monday and announced it on Instagram. However, Curry posted a photo of his baby son Canon W Jack Curry on Wednesday. Canon is Curry’s first son, joining sisters Riley and Ryan. 

2. Canon arrived early, said Ayesha Curry, his mom: 

The quick arrival of Canon’s birth was announced by his mother on Instagram in February 2018, in which she was wearing a shirt that read, “PREGGERS.”

The only son of Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry was born earlier than expected because Steph and Ayesha announced the birth on Instagram, where Curry posted a photo of Canon W Jack Curry who becomes the first boy in the family after 2 daughters Riley and Ryan. 

3. This is why he was named Canon:

Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesh wanted to name their only son Wardell Stephen Curry III to continue the family tradition and use the nickname Trey. But according to the star player, his wife had four or five people in her family who are named Trey.

Therefore the couple found Canon to be special and the basketball star passed down his grandfather’s name through his middle name to keep the family ties intact. 

Canon’s full name is Canon Wardell Jack Curry and also means “young wolf”.

4. Ayesha Curry, Canon’s mother is a celebrity chef:

Ayesha Curry is the beautiful wife and mother of three children to Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

Ayesha has built her own gastronomic empire over the years. In 2017, he opened his first restaurant of his, International Smoke, in San Francisco. Additionally, she is the author of a cookbook, The Seasoned Life, and also has her own Food Network show, cookware line, and meal kit delivery service. To top it off, she is a spokesperson for CoverGirl.

In April 2020, Ayesha launched her latest project, a lifestyle magazine titled Sweet July. The post features themes related to family and relationships, but also includes a lot of cooking content. In early 2021, HBO announced the reboot of Freemantle’s game show, ‘Tattletales’, which will be hosted by Ayesha and Stephen Curry. 

Canon’s mother has been one of Steph Curry’s greatest supports, as she has accompanied Stephan at every step of his career. Ayesha regularly attends her husband’s games, but she also shows her unconditional support and appreciation on her social media.

5. 2018 was a perfect time for Steph to welcome Canon:

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry announced the birth of his son Canon, and the arrival of the child became another great personal joy for Curry, who at the time was on a dream season by winning the title of NBA champions with the Warriors for the second consecutive year, the third in the last four Finals. With this title, the Oakland team added its sixth ring, equaling the Chicago Bulls, only behind the other two great NBA dynasties, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics.

In addition, Curry, 30, would play in the “American Century Championship,” a celebrity golf tournament taking place in Lake Tahoe after Canon was born. 

6. Canon W Jack Curry is the grandson of former NBA player Dell Curry:

Former American professional basketball player Dell Curry played 16 seasons in the NBA. At 1.96 meters he played in the point guard position. 

He played for four seasons with the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Hokies, in which he averaged 19.0 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game. In 2006 he was honored as an Atlantic Coast Conference Legend and within a year he was awarded the role of assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats. But after 2007, the proud father left before the start of the season to follow his sons’ development in the NBA and it paid off because as of 2022, Steph Curry is renowned for his three-point shooting skills and is even known as the player with the most three-point shots in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. His father helped him when he was drafted into the NBA in 2009 and suffered an injury in the summer of 2011 and was forced to miss much of the 2011–12 season. 

Today, Steph Curry is considered the best shooter in NBA history, and the son of former basketball player Dell Curry (who always wore the number 30) wears the same number in his honor.

Dell Curry notably played for the Charlotte Hornets and in 1998, Canon W Jack Curry’s grandfather founded a charity, the Dell Curry Foundation, a youth-oriented program in Charlotte, North Carolina. The foundation operates five learning centers in Charlotte to offer educational training and counseling on drug use and abuse. 

7. Canon W Jack Curry is also the grandchild of Sonya Curry:

Sonya Curry is most famous as the mother of basketball players Stephen Curry and Seth Curry. 

Sonya Curry is also an ex-volleyball player who was born on May 30, 1966, in Radford, Virginia, United States and her ethnicity is unknown, while her nationality is American and mixed with African American ancestry. Her mother’s name is Candy Adams and her father’s name is Cleive Ester Adams. She has a brother, Cleive Adams and a sister, India Adams. 

She was the wife of Dell Curry who divorced her in 2021 but before that Stephen Curry ‘s parents Dell and Sonya met at Virginia Tech in the 1980s when she was playing volleyball and he was playing basketball. They were married in 1988, the same year Steph was born and when Dell was playing for the Blazers. That love story however is over. Sonya Curry and her husband have been regulars going to see their son (their other son Seth Curry as well) whenever they have the opportunity. It is something that it seems that we are not going to see again, since they chose to divorce as it was announced that Sonya cheated on Dell Curry with a former Patriots player. Apparently, Sonya filed for divorce on June 14 and the procedure is underway. 

In her childhood, Sony Curry attended Radford High School. Later, she graduated from Virginia Tech. There is no information on what year she graduated. Her major was in elementary education and a minor in family studies. During her youth she played volleyball and basketball during her high school and college days. She was so good at sports that she won championships at the state level. Much later in life, she became the founder of a Montessori School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

8. Canon might establish a future connection with the Carson family:

They say the NBA is one big family and the Currys have a strong connection to the Rivers clan associated with a famous former basketball player and legendary coach Glenn Alton better known as ‘Doc’ Rivers. When looking online to connect the dots with Curry’s ties to the Carson name as found within one of the children’s titles, making this association isn’t really heir apparent. There are rumors and questions about whether Carson is a nod to another worthy basketball player in this tight-knit family of athletes just like Essence Carson who has been lighting up the courts with the WNBA for twelve seasons.

Perhaps the pair crossed the playing fields when they named Ryan after the Philadelphia Eagle’s quarterback. Carson Wentz in mind, which is a long shot at best. In any case, we would like to wish this powerful couple, their lovely family and their three beautiful children, all the happiness and success that they are likely to continue to achieve in their young lives.

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