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Sophie Brussaux: 5 Facts About Her Relationship With Drake

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Sophie Brussaux

The Canadian artist and rapper Drake is said to be the father of a little boy named “Adonis”. Co-parenting with his baby-mama Sophie Brussaux, he has formed a cordial relationship in recent months and is more interested in the education of Adonis. 

While his son Adonis celebrated his birthday in October 2020, Drake finally decided to lift the veil on his little angel’s face last year. On Instagram, the Canadian rapper had published a series of unpublished photos and also posed with Sophie Brussaux, the mother of his son, who is a 31-year-old Frenchwoman. Here are some facts about their relationship. 

Sophie Brussaux: How Drake Turned Things Around With His Baby Mama

1. Who is Sophie Brussaux?

In 2017, a young woman called Sophie Brussaux admitted to being pregnant with Drake. 

As a reminder, Drake who is renowned for his many relationships with strippers and porn stars had a very short romance with the beautiful Sophie Brussaux in January 2017. Several photos taken by the paparazzi include some secret meetings in Amsterdam, between the rapper and the pretty brunette. A few months later, she proudly announced her pregnancy – recounting it on her social networks and had even shared personal conversations between her and Drake about this pregnancy.

Sophie Brussaux is, according to Vulture, the alleged mother and would have previously worked as a porn actress under the nickname Rosee Divine. She would have since abandoned the X-rated lifestyle to become an artist-painter. 

2. Drake and Sophie Brussaux were first linked in 2017: 

Despite the circumstances of their first meeting being unknown, the rapper and the French woman managed to keep their relationship a secret until the rapper became embroiled in a feud with fellow songwriter Pusha T, which ultimately ended their secrecy in 2018 with the release of diss The Story of Adidon track.

3. The Pusha T diss track exposed Sophie Brussaux’s child support:

Initially, the rapper tried to keep his son’s arrival a secret, but his rival, Pusha T, announced the birth of Drake’s child on his diss track The Story of Adidon.

During the song, the 43-year-old hitmaker rapped about the circumstances surrounding the birth of his rival’s son, including issues regarding child support for Sophie Brussaux and Drake’s reputed relationship with his own father.

Pusha T then revealed the name of Drake’s child to the world and at the same time significantly chastised Drake by rapping, “Adonis is your son / And he deserves more than an Adidas press run; it’s real. Love the baby, respect the girl.

Shortly after the Pusha T diss track was released, TMZ announced that the rapper had been paying support to Brussaux since the start of her pregnancy.

4. Drake finally admitted the truth in 2018:

Until the release of his 2018 album Scorpion, the hitmaker tried to sidestep rumors. But in Scorpion, he directly addressed the situation regarding his son.

On the Emotionless track, Drake finally releases some reasoning as to why he kept his child out of the public eye as he punched out, ‘I wasn’t hiding my child from the world / I was hiding the world from the world my child.’

Later, he will confide about having attended the birth of little Adonis and making sure that Sophie Brussaux does not lack anything to be able to educate him in good conditions although they are not in a relationship.

Little Adonis will turn 4 years old this October and although he is blond with blue eyes, the rapper’s fans have all praised their striking facial resemblance and curly hair. 

In addition to this, during an American program called “The Shop” that Drake confirmed his relationship with the former French lady, in an interview with Lebron James, on HBO: ” I am a single dad who is learning to communicate with a woman with whom he has had a good time. I want to be able to explain to my son what happened”. He also evokes the infinite love he has for his son, Adonis.

5. In May 2021, Drake paid a sweet tribute to Sophie Brussaux: 

After having bet on discretion and mystery for a long time, Drake finally decided to unveil his son’s face… to the delight of his fans in 2020. The famous Canadian rapper posted on Instagram, a series of unpublished photos, on which his two-year-old son, Adonis, appears, and against all expectations, Drake also poses with the child’s mother: Sophie Brussaux, a 31-year-old French bombshell, former porn star turned artist. The two of them had a tough time during the first years of their son’s life, however, in 2021, their relationship appears to have improved markedly in recent months.

The God’s Plan hitmaker made several references earlier this year, to both his child and the model on the collaborative track Lemon Pepper Freestyle, released in March 2021. 

Rapper Drake said that he and French woman Brussaux got along as co-parents on the track as he punched: “I sent her child support, she sent me the heart emoji.”

The public figure also noted that his relationship with his son had improved as well, as he rhymed, “Recess is knocking, dad probably rang another M / School bell and I’m here to pick it up.” 

In May 2021, he paid tribute to the mother of his son Sophie Brussaux on Mother’s Day after fixing her once-controversial relationship with the former model. 

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