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What is Cutting-edge Technology in Casino’s

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What is cutting-edge technology in Casino's

What is Cutting-edge Technology?

Cutting-edge technology refers to various technological devices and innovative techniques that implement the most advanced and high-level IT developments. In other words, Hi-Tech and innovative IT industry organizations are often referred to as cutting edge. Cutting edge is also referred as leading-edge technology or state-of-the-art technology. Cutting edge technology can be applied to any type of industry like automotive, gaming, Medical, engineering and so on.

Cutting Edge Technologies Being Deployed by Online Casinos

Casinos are one of the oldest forms of entertainment but as the industry and Technology evolved, we have now offline as well as Online Casinos option available. Let’s have a quick look on some most common and advanced Cutting-Edge Technologies that has revolutionized the online Gambling industry.

Radio-Frequency Identification Technology (RFID)-

Basic functioning of an RFID scanner is to detect the encoded data in tagged items through low-power radio waves. RFID technology its most prevalent used is in security-related applications. For Example: Las Vegas Casinos has been using RFID tags and scanners for a while now for monitoring their chips and prevent them to get stolen from Cheaters.

Optical Camera Recognition Technology (OCR)

To run a live dealer casino the primarily used Cutting-edge technology is OCR. This technology is a hallmark in the development of real money gaming industry. Previously casinos used to employ RFID chips embedded into the cards, but this proved very tedious and cumbersome. OCR technology after encoding every bit of information from the gaming table, streams it online for players worldwide playing that game. It doesn’t need Casino intervention to microchip their cards. A camera captures and collects all the action to be send into a database so that it can be quickly streamed to players computer screen. Introduction of OCR has made live dealer gameplay virtually indistinguishable from real-life play.

Slot Machines

Initially Casino’s don’t have slot machines. Over the years, casinos have evolved, and they upgrade these machines to be more attractive to the players and less vulnerable to be hacked by criminals. Most of the Modern age slot machines use video screens instead of moving reels. They also don’t use any physical cash, instead they opted for casino card which are preloaded with money. Online casinos have also deployed their own advance versions of the slot machine making it more attractive and providing best user experience to the players.

Panoramic CCTV

In combination with the facial recognition system, many advanced and Hi-Tech casinos use complex CCTV system having a large number of cameras which are stitch together to provide a large video feed of the entire gaming floor.

These cameras are often attached to a suspended walkway above the tables, giving flexibility to the operators to see everything that’s going on the gaming table. They can also rewind a feed and zoom in to a particular area if they suspect any unusual activity.

Using advance equipment like the Dallmeier Panamera, casinos can do macro management of each table to see what the total bet amount is and what is the winning of each player. This technique optimizes the performance of the casino multi fold.


Most of the online Casinos are adopting crypto as a payment method to satisfy new age customers’ demands like data anonymity, quick transactions, and secure payment. Blockchain technology also revolutionized gambling by removing geographic limitations. Previously, it was typical for a player from Canada to gamble on websites based in other countries, as they were restricted to do so. Crypto-based casinos eliminated this barrier by welcoming players from all over the world beyond any geographical boundaries. Some Crypto casinos don’t event ask for any personal data during registration and keep your account totally anonymous.

Another attractive feature of this blockchain Cutting edge technology is fair games. As a user you can cross verify the game’s source code at any time and don’t need to be a tech Wizard for same. Legitimate casinos are always transparent in these instructions.

Wrap Up of Cutting-Edge Technology

Both Online and Offline Casinos and gambling Industry are very effectively using this Cutting-edge technology in their day-to-day operation. Live Dealer Casinos, Crypto Based Payments, RNG Software Usage, Use of NORA Software to detect potential cheaters and colluders in Casinos and many more cutting-edge technologies like these are making a paradigm shift in Casino industry.

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