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Gaunda Punjab’s Famed Joginder Bassi: The Attack That Shocked The Nation

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Gaunda Punjab's Famed Joginder Bassi: The Attack that Shocked the Nation

It’s likely that if you ask practically any average Punjabi who Joginder Bassi is, they will tell you about the radio programme Gaunda Punjab and its host. By hosting the programme “Gaunda Punjab” for more than 30 years, he has gained significant popularity in the Canadian and Punjabi media. Audiences in both India and Canada have enjoyed watching Gaunda Punjab very much. Joginder Bassi, who lives and runs his programme in Canada and appeals to his audience in Punjab, has made it one of the most controversial programs while at the same time being one of the most popular.

Who is Joginder Bassi?

A well-known personality in both Canadian and Punjabi media is Joginder Singh Bassi. He has been in charge of the programme “Gaunda Punjab” for more than 30 years, and he counts a daily audience of about 1,50,000. The programme is exceedingly well-known among Canadian and Punjabi viewers; notable Punjabi celebrities have even appeared on the programme.

What happened to Joginder Bassi?

Joginder Singh Bassi, the renowned yet controversial host of the Canadian radio talk show “Gaunda Punjab,” allegedly came under attack in Canada by unidentified males, according to a video that has been going around on social media. Joginder Singh Bassi’s car was shot in the front windscreen by the attackers, who then promptly fled the scene unhurt.

According to sources, the car was shot at while it was parked outside the house of Joginder Singh Bassi’s daughter. No one was hurt in the event, according to sources. Bassi’s car windscreen was hit by the bullet, but Bassi was unharmed. He is in superb health and is entirely safe.

As soon as the gunshot was reported, the Canadian Police sped over to the area. Police vehicles were parked everywhere in the area, which was crowded. Joginder Singh Bassi was taken to his daughter’s home as soon as the attack was over, according to reports.

Others in the neighbourhood who were using cameras captured the incident’s impact. Social media users posted the video. It is anticipated that the Canadian Police would start their investigation and look for the assailants responsible for the gunfire very soon.

Where is Joginder Bassi now?

The host of Gaunda Punjab is currently embroiled in yet another controversy since his shooting in September 2021. As of the end of November 2021, there were just 4 current recordings available on the show’s official YouTube channel, “Bassi Toronto Show,” suggesting that Joginder Bassi may have been seriously affected by the gunfire at his car.

While most of his earlier films have been removed and are no longer accessible to consumers, the host informs us that the situation is likely worse than it appears. The reason, though, is still a mystery.

Is there a chance that the show is being bullied online? Rumor has it that Amrik Pable, a filmmaker, writer, and journalist, complained to YouTube after the shooting, which may help to explain why the videos were removed. It is said that the complaint to YouTube cited cyberbullying and community blackmail as the reasons.

True, Gaunda Punjab is among the most watched programmes in Punjab and Canada, but the man who created the programme has a long history of controversy around cyberbullying.

If the charges of cyberbullying are genuine, we may expect to see a lot of changes at the show, which has frequently come under fire from the public for its treatment of overseas students and for making unfounded claims against students and celebrities.

In order for someone who is stubborn to hear what you are saying, you must occasionally be LOUD with them. Although Gaunda Punjab and Joginder Bassi haven’t yet run into any legal troubles, we can definitely expect to see the show’s overall focus change in the near future to a more light-hearted approach.

Is Joginder Bassi safe?

The host of the Canadian radio programme “Gaunda Punjab” was shot outside the residence of Joginder Singh Bassi’s daughter, but he or she is still alive and well.

In spite of the fact that the gunshot went through Joginder Bassi’s car windscreen, neither he nor anyone else, according to Canadian reports, have been hurt.

Finally, the controversial host is entirely secure and in excellent health.

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