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How Do Gamblers Cheat at Roulette, and Why It Is a Bad Idea?

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How Do Gamblers Cheat at Roulette

Roulette is one of the popular casino games where gamblers cheat the most. Often, they get caught, and other times, they win big. The cheating tricks which gamblers use mostly have expanded and become popular with time. Some have rather started focusing on their chips, while many gamblers look for gaming strategies so that they can win without reducing the house edge. Read below to find some common cheat ways gamblers use to win in roulette and whether the game is worth cheating.

Common cheating ways at roulette

Modifying wheel

More commonly known as wheel gaffing, wheel modification is one-way gamblers modify the roulette wheel to make spins predictable. This can be done by loosening parts of the wheel that cause the ball to bounce less in a few areas. As a result, the game leads to wheel bias in which certain numbers spin more than the others. However, this cheating way is temporary and automated casinos usually detect them with the help of software. So, if you know where the balls bounce the least, you can take advantage.

Using microcomputers and laser technology

This method of cheating in roulette is rarely used. Laser devices that estimate the speed of the ball and wheel have been used in the past, however. When they receive the information, the data is sent to computers or mobile devices to estimate where the ball might land at the end.

Using magnetic balls

Since casinos nowadays are fully equipped with CCTV’s, using this way can be dangerous. However, some roulette gamblers do try this one often. This trick involves replacing the real roulette ball with the magnetic alternative so that magnetic pulses can influence the game. However, the ones who have employed this trick avoid using fully magnetic balls as then they would stick to any metal easily. Instead, they use balls that contain a coil with certain diodes in them to observe where the ball lands when placed in the rotor. If the ball does not land in the expected places, the parts inside the ball are activated which then moves the ball in the correct position according to the cheaters betting choice.

Past posting

This is an interesting roulette cheating method that involves gamblers changing their bets once the outcomes have taken place. For example, if you place a bet on a single number and notice that you are going to win, you place more money to win big.  In this method, the winning place chip is replaced with a larger amount of chips in order to increase the total win amount. But then, this is very risky and if your behaviour is caught in the care, you may fall into serious trouble.

Targeting the sector

This cheating method in roulette is very difficult and involves luck. This is because of the complicated math which cheaters have to employ to win and the added pressure in the casino’s environment. This trick emphasizes the gambler’s ability to work out where the ball passes at a certain point in the rotor after a couple of spins. If you can do this, you can work on when the balls are slow to predict the wheel segment in which the ball will likely land. Although this method seems clean, it is illegal in casinos and even proves difficult to use appropriately.


One potential way to cheat in roulette is making friends with the dealer and with time, convince the dealer to help you in bets against pre-determined charges. The collusion can include dealers allowing the player to place a bet later as compared to general rules for placing bets. It may also go far by paying out for lost bets who have not won the game. However, in most cases, the casinos would find out soon and employ measures to prevent it. When a dealer is found colluding with a gambler, it is feasible that both of them would be fined and prosecuted as per gambling jurisdiction. This might include a complete ban for the dealer in casinos to receive a high penalty for the casino’s losses. 

Why roulette cheating is a bad idea?

Cheating in roulette is illegal in many countries

Many roulette cheating methods are deemed illegal regardless of the casino regulations. The illegal ones include wheel modification, past posting, magnetic balls and player-dealer collusion. Most of the methods taken as illegal do not even require many skills beyond making concentrated moves and predictions. They are more particularly illegal when sleights-of-hand movements are used alongside colluding with the dealer or altering the casino’s equipment. Therefore, cheating in roulette is a bad idea in almost every place. You will not just get banned from entering the casino but may also get prosecuted with the possibility of long-term custody.

Using electronic devices may be illegal in the gambling jurisdictions

Even though the devices you use for game predictions are legal in gambling jurisdictions, they may not alter the casino’s equipment or help you predict appropriate results due to the high-tech software employed by the casinos. On the other side, some places may not allow carrying special equipment inside the casino and cheating with an electronic device may be deemed illegal and subject to severe fines. Other reasons to avoid cheating are to stop being banned and embarrassed in front of other players.

Casino Security

Many gamblers who have cheated in the past have undoubtedly made fortunes. And, many casinos nowadays equip themselves with security machines and fraud-detecting devices. This includes scanning magnetic balls and wheel barraging. Additionally, many casinos have security personnel moving around alongside cameras that can detect a misleading movement at once.

Bottom line

In the digitized era, online casinos work hard to avoid gamblers cheating by strengthening their software. Similarly, mind-based casinos have too developed ways to find cheating in the system. Although there are many cheat ways through which many roulette gamblers won big in the past, software and security devices alongside strict regulations have made cheating in roulette more difficult.

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