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How Exercising, CVs, Healthy Meals Can Keep You Happy in Your Home Office

by Your Daily Hunt
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Working from home is a great option for today’s workers, and more and more people are taking advantage of all the benefits that come with it, like being your own boss, having a more flexible schedule, and no long, frustrating commute.

But there can be disadvantages as well. For instance, you are not as likely to take breaks or exercise, and it’s tempting to spend long hours in front of a computer monitor. This lack of activity can lead to weight gain and increased health risks. You’re more likely to eat more, too, because you have easy access to your kitchen pantry. And the lack of socialization can be psychologically unhealthy.

Below, YDH offers some helpful wellness tips for anyone who wants to live a healthier work-from-home life.

Schedule Frequent Exercise Breaks

Now that you no longer have a large office building to navigate or stairs to climb, or even a parking spot to get to and from, the number of steps you take during the day will be far fewer since you began working from home. It’s important to take frequent breaks for walks throughout the day. If you can get outside and walk for at least 15 minutes every two hours and for thirty minutes during your lunch break, it’s possible for you to reach the recommended 10,000 steps-per-day goal most doctors recommend. If walking outdoors is not possible, invest in a Stairmaster and keep it in your office as a reminder. You can find them at a reasonable price second-hand on community websites like Facebook Marketplace. Or, if you have a used sporting goods store nearby, you should be able to find one that fits your room and your budget.

Keep Your CV Updated

Working from home offers an unprecedented level of flexibility, but it also requires diligence when it comes to staying up-to-date with your CV. Your CV is essentially a reflection of the skills and experience you can bring to any job, so making sure it’s constantly updated shows employers that you remain current in your field and are serious about furthering your career. Having a comprehensive and accurate portfolio also demonstrates self-discipline and a commitment to professionalism—attributes that can help set candidates apart when looking for jobs. Keeping your CV updated is essential for anyone working from home as it ensures employers have access to the most current version of your qualifications, which is always important.

Using a CV generator is an effective and efficient way to keep your CV polished and up-to-date. A CV generator allows users to customize their own template for a CV, selecting which features and sections are most appropriate for the job they are applying for. This ensures that the document contains all the relevant information without unnecessarily cluttering it with irrelevant details. It also makes sure that it has a professional layout and design that can grab the attention of potential employers. A CV generator provides users with an easy way to create a unique, tailored CV in just minutes – perfect for keeping your career profile looking sharp and polished.

Schedule Your Meals

Another advantage/disadvantage aspect of working from home is mealtime. You’re not as likely to eat at a restaurant or go out for a takeout meal at a fast food place when your kitchen is nearby. But you’re also less likely to schedule your lunch and snack time. But that is exactly what you should do. Make it a part of your daily schedule, just as you would if you were in an away-from-home office. Plan your lunches for the week ahead so you can use that time to both eat a healthy meal and have time to go outside for a nice walk. Keep healthy snacks in the house, but not in your office, where you might be tempted to eat them out of boredom or stress. And keep plenty of water at hand, either in a reusable water bottle or a filtered water cooler service that’s delivered to your home.

But you should also schedule some meals away from home with co-workers to prevent isolation and a lack of social connection.

Creating a Healthier Office Environment

Working long hours without a break can take its toll on your eyes, and poor lighting can trigger fatigue. Harsh, direct lighting causes eyestrain and headaches. Lampshades or upward pointing lights that bounce off of walls and ceilings work best to soften lights. Of course, ambient window light is great for your eyes and your mood, so make sure you open those blinds and let the sunshine in. 

Your office chair and desk should be ergonomically designed to prevent both short-and long-term stress and strain on your spine and muscles. Ergonomically correct office chairs are designed to support your back while absorbing and distributing your weight and offer lumbar support to reduce lower back strain.

Clutter can induce stress, which is unhealthy and unproductive. Take a day, even if you have to do it on the weekend, and organize your office. Purchase a filing cabinet for paper files and folders. There are some attractive and stylish ones out there besides just the boring metal ones you find at an auto repair shop.

Remember to exercise, eat healthy meals and snacks, and design your office for maximum productivity and comfort. Your home/work environment should be healthy and safe, and with proper planning, it can be.

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