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Best Movies on Netflix Canada to Binge-Watch Now

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Best Movies on Netflix Canada to Binge-Watch Now

Although the best movies on Netflix Canada keeps changing with time, you can always count on this streaming service which has something for every generation to catch on to. Thanks to the new OTT platform making us enjoy Netflix Party whenever we want. From horror movies to comedies and from romantic ones to murder mysteries, you can get entertained for weeks with Netflix. So, have a look at the best movies on Netflix Canada to binge-watch now and let the party begin.

Best Movies on Netflix Canada to Binge-Watch Now

Wildlife (2018)

Directed by Paul Dano, Wildlife is one of the best movies on Netflix Canada which is quite powerful but soft at the same time. The movie plot is based on Richard Ford novel with the same name. Starring Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal, the movie is about a couple who have a child and moves to a new town during the 1960s. The relationship between the couple changes as soon as the actor loses his butler’s job and chooses to enter into a firefighting profession. His wife is obviously worried and responds frantically to the events which implicate their parental behaviour on the kid. Although the movie lacks sudden turns and twists unlike other OTT platform movies, Wildlife will surely make you relate yourself with the movie and make you think about how sadness and decay fill in the life due to everyday events.

The Death of Stalin (2017)

The Death of Stalin is a great political comedy with hilarious acting done by Steve Buscemi. The movie plot is set just a few days before Stalin was dead and how the chaos followed such as lack of trust along with assassinations. The dark comedy pops up on the screen during different times of the movie but the jokes are truly smarter. What’s even funnier is the environment and abrupt conditions that develop one after the other.

Detroit (2017)

Detroit is a movie based on the biggest civil riots that took place in America just before the 92 L.A. Protests. The actors in the movies include Algee Smith, John Boyega and John Krasinski to portray themselves as a part of Detroit 1967 riots. A laborious security guard, a murderous cop and a band find their fate when mixed with the event which took place in America’s summer afternoon. Detroit is a movie that skillfully blends the real-life image with reel life characters. One con we found in the movie was during cops brutalising Black young men found with two white women in a hotel. Although the scene was a part of the movie plot, it was overly stretched and made viewers sadistic.

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Another critically acclaimed movie streaming on Netflix is Sorry to Bother You which is based on the alternative reality of humans where greed and capitalism are overrated. Cassius role is played by Lakeith Stanfield who finds difficulties in paying his everyday bills. When he was in a telemarketing job, he was advised to use ‘white voice’ which made him rank higher gradually. Overall, this one of the best movies on Netflix Canada is full-on entertainment you must not miss. 

Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems is a thriller movie in which Adam Sandler becomes a crazy thrill generator. He follows a troublesome jeweller who feels that the entire New York has ganged up against him- Kevin Garnett, an NBA player, a gang, odd twins, his family and all the jewellers besides many others. All the stuff takes place after he believes that he is on the verge of getting huge money.

Spitfire (2018)

This one of the best movies on Netflix Canada is actually a documentary that seeks to celebrate the British Royal Air Force centenary. The movie plot is about a popular plane which can be easily recognised by young audiences. The footage taken for the documentary is gorgeous and includes some from the remaining of the planes which served flying for the British coast. The testimonials of the pilots will help you in getting knowledge about the services planes had once provided along with the pilot’s role and how they went with warfare training. This movie is a must to watch for aviation fans belonging to every generation.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

This hilarious movie stars Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell who plays a well-off handsome couple. Farrell is a heart surgeon in the movie which starts with Farrell taking care of a teenager Martin. Even though he takes care of him, there is no real connection between them. Later, we come to know that Martin has some bonding with the surgeon that can threaten his family unexpectedly. The movie direction is brilliantly done by Yorgos Lanthimos who makes viewers thrilled and surprised with every scene.

Arctic (2018)

The Arctic is another one of the best movies on Netflix Canada which is starred by a Danish superstar named Mads Mikkelsen of The Hunt and Hannibal. This 98-minute short movie is shot in the Arctic region. Mads try to safeguard his plane from crashing and at one point, had to decide upon whether to stay with the dangerous journey or stay within the plane remains to face a slow death. The movie has been well-directed and acted making us biting our nails with every scene. You will be amazed to know that the Arctic movie received a standing ovation during the Cannes film festival movie premiere.

Rudy (1993)

Rudy is a biographical movie based on Daniel Rudy Rettinger story when he pursues his childhood dream concerning football player for Notre Dame. The movie reveals the discouragements and obstacles faced by Rudy and how he surpasses them. All the actions and sequences shot for the movie shows the firm determination of the protagonist which is awesomely played by Sean Astin.

Dogman (2019)

Dogman is a movie about a dog cleaner in an Italian town who has to deal with elderly owners and children. The Dogman in the movie suffers from messy nights and is targeted by the black sheep of the town who is a fearless and strong ex-convict. The movie plot is based on the line drawn between wanted to be something and being bullied which is beautifully portrayed by the film characters. This one of the best movies on Netflix Canada was shot by an Italian filmmaker Matte Garone while the film actors won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film festival.

I’m no Longer Here (2019)

I’m no Longer Here is shot in Mexico, Queens, Monterrey and New York. The movie is about a dance leader Ulises who love Cumbia which is a form of Afro-Columbian music style. To be in a gang, he has to be stuck to the street dancing group with which bandmates have some ties. Although Ulises is good at his job and gets noticed by the town, his band force him to leave everything to immigrate to the US. Suddenly, he finds himself living in an unwanted existence and lonely. Though, the movie does not end here and progresses with Ulises thriving in New York which is presented through cinematic excellence.

Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Another comic movie on Netflix Canada belongs to Eddie Murphy who is popular to fill his movie with both award-winning scenes and comedy. The movie plot is based on the true event of Rudy Ray Moore who is a famous comedian and plays the character of Dolemite, the pimp. Later, he decides to make a movie based on his own character. The role of Rudy is played by Murphy in the movie along with other supporting actors Snoop Dogg, Chris Rock, Keegan Michael Key and Wesley Snipes. The movie is funny but the realistic picture of the 1970s can make you stunned.

Stan & Ollie

This biopic comedy double has John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan. The movie starts with their success but mostly covers their later life. With all the big hits left behind, Ollie Hardy and Stan Laurel onboards a disappointing tour across Britain when they try to get their last movie. This one of the best movies on Netflix Canada is about the creative bond shared between two performers who evolve through failures and successes in life. The movie is a nice tribute to the duo who had lived not different from their reel lives.

Babyteeth (2020)

This is an Australian drama that stars Eliza Scanlen of Little Women and Sharp Objects. She is Milla in the movie belonging to a dysfunctional family. Her mother remains depressed while her father is a psychologist which makes him meditate his wife under the table. The sixteen years old Milla dates a handsome homeless drug dealer. Many chaotic drama sequences have been shot while the family tries to tolerate their relationships in the movie. Babyteeth is actually different from other movies where something keeps occurring to Milla.

And Breathe Normally (2018)

The movie narrates about the difficult life in Iceland country which has a very less population. Although just 300,000 people are Icelandic, 8 million people connect flights with Iceland each year. In the mass movement shown in the movie, a single mother is shown dealing with struggles and poverty who gets a chance to turn her life around by getting a job as a border agent. In her first days, she meets an asylum seeker during the connecting flight to Canada from Guinea Bissau who tries to cross borders with a fake passport. Their stories not just match as asylum seekers and border agents but as mothers too. Overall, the movie is about how mothers struggle with poverty in Europe but from different places. The movie is about the significance of solitary and looking humans beyond race or origins.

Dating Amber (2020)

This comedy cum romance is shot in Ireland. The story is about a closeted gay teen along with his schoolmate who is lesbian. They both pretend to be in a relationship so that others do not bully them in school. This makes the movie plot unusual and rare. The scene is set in rural Ireland of 1995s and has gorgeous settings from music to clothes. Dating Amber is one of the best movies on Netflix Canada ends up more like a coming-of-age instead of a comic romance. This is a tale of self-acceptance, friendship and loyalty teenagers share.

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