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The Future of Canadian Sports Betting – Is it Legal?

by Your Daily Hunt
The Future of Canadian Sports Betting - Is it Legal?

Sports and Online game Industry

The craze for Online games gambling, sports betting is creating new heights every day in Canada. It’s getting even more popular among youngsters. Looking on the demand and open market its going to the new business theme in upcoming years. It won’t be hyperbole to say that this industry will be the leader among new age industries.

Canada Online Sports Betting

Single game Sports betting became Legal in Canada in August 2021, post changes in the criminal code by the parliament of Canada. Before legalization Canadian sports bettors can only bet parlays but now, they have full- privilege. Ontario was first Canadian province to legalize online sports betting. Ontario launched Mobile wagering on April 4 ,2022. Canada has total 10 provinces and each can individually now regulate Sports betting and tax wagering. C-218 was the bill, which was passed on June 23, 2021, by the lawmakers to allow single game wagers. Parlays sports betting has been legal in Canada since long time, but Single game betting was not which got legalized after C-218 Bill.

Single game betting means individual can place a bet on outcome of one game while parlay bet was placed on the outcome of multiple games combined.

Story behind Making Betting legal in Canada

Sponsor Kevin Waugh, who firstly introduced the bill in the parliament showcased during the debate that Online Betting is Billion-dollar Industry. In Canada this industry is mostly conducted through unregulated bookmakers and offshore Sites which is huge revenue loss for a Canada. C-218 Bill was then passed to eliminate these ambiguities associated with Canadian sports betting. As this provided an official platform for Canadian bettors and now, they don’t have to rely on offshore sportsbooks whose legality can’t be investigated. Also, this amendment in Sport betting helped the Canadian government to keep the Tax revenue within Canada and avoid its outflow to offshore sites. On financial ground it was great beneficial for Canadian parliament.

Age limit for Online Betting in Canada

3 province – Alberta, Manitoba and Québec, the minimum age is 18 for gambling, while in other 7 province the age limit is 18.

Canadian Sports and Betting Sites  

NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB, and Canadian Football League are major sports events of Canada. Sports better can bet on all these sports.

 Bet365, the Score Bet, Cross Bet, NorthStar Bets, Proline, Rivalry are few famous mobile Sportsbooks available in Canada.

Top Canadian Teams to Bet on various Sports

MLB- Toronto Blue Jays

NBA- Toronto Raptors

NHL- Toronto Maple Leaf’s, Montréal Canadians, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers

MLS- Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps FC .

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