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Does Target Ship To Canada?

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Target is one of the most popular e-commerce stores of the United States. It is specifically renowned for its budget-friendly products. Not just the US, but Target supplies to many other neighboring countries. It also used to ship to Canada. But as of February 2020, Target.com pulled out of the Canadian market thereby leaving many customers heartbroken. Ever since this big giant has shuttered its stores in Canada, Canadians are missing Target-exclusive products. 

So, does Target ship to Canada? Not really. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy Target products in Canada. There are many ways you can still get products from Target delivered to you in Canada.   

But, why did Target stopped trade in Canada? How can you still order anything from Target to Canada? We will discuss all such things in this post.

Everything you need to know about Target shipping to Canada

Target company witnessed a total loss of $2 billion in the Canadian market. As per the predictions of CEO, Brian Cornell, Target would not see any profitable results till 2021. Moreover, extra funding and efforts will be the need of hours in the coming years. 

Basically, Target followed a discount-oriented approach and stood out from its competitors. It offered top-notch and unique products, that too, at pocket-friendly prices. While most of such products were expensive in the stores, Target made them significantly cheaper. This attracted individuals having varying income levels and allowed them to save a great deal of money. Then what led to the failure of its business in Canada? Let’s find out more about this.  

Why Target Stopped Shipping In Canada?

What are the various factors that lead to the downfall of Target in Canada? The answer lies in the operating model of the company which wasn’t executed as expected.

  • Markup Prices: Pricing was something that could take the company to the zenith of success. The availability of quality products at a budget-friendly price provided a much-needed relaxation to all the Target shoppers. However, when Target raised the prices of the products close to those of Canadian stores, the sentiments of the Target shoppers got deeply affected. Due to this, pricing became a major factor in the decline of Target in Canada.
  • Lack Of Proper Supply Chain: In the initial years of its operation, Target launched 124 stores. Later on, it even opened more stores. However, the company failed to implement an appropriate supply chain system. This resulted in great mismanagement throughout the demand-supply chain. In some areas, products were overstocked, while in other areas, they were understocked. 
  • Rise Of Tough Competitors: As the competitors like Walmart and Canadian Tire began to establish a significant presence in the Canadian market, Target started squeezing out. Competitors were providing better prices and a wider range of product options, which contributed a lot to the failure. 
  • Poor Execution & Accessibility: As per Fortune, most of the Target stores were “poorly configured” and were located in less accessible areas. Most middle-class individuals could not visit the store, and even if they did, it was no more than a hassling experience. In addition, the new stores also faced the challenges of distribution of products, poor stocks, shelf replenishment, and many other things. All such things discouraged traffic to the company and also forced it to step out from the Canadian market.

How Can You Get Things Delivered In Canada From Target?

Target doesn’t ship to Canada. But you can still receive the products. Yes, there’s a Plan B. For those Canadians who wish to order from Target.com, here is a little help to get your orders! 

You can follow these simple steps to get the products delivered directly to you. Let’s have a look at them one by one!

Select A Shipping Forwarder 

Shipping forwarders are middlemen that plan and execute the international movement of products on behalf of the actual shippers. They are responsible for negotiating the rates, tracking goods, carrying out documentation processes, and many other tasks. However, the primary goal of a shipping forwarder is to transport goods from their origins to the required destination. 

For Target, Shipping forwarders are located in the US. They’ll buy the products for you and get them delivered to their warehouse in the US. Then, they’ll ship products from there to your address in Canada. 

There exists a multitude of shipping forwarders. However, while choosing the right shipping forwarder, you should check the following things:

  • What are their service fees?
  • How much time will it take to get the package delivered to your place?
  • How good is the customer service?
  • How good are the company’s reviews and ratings?
  • Is anything wrong with the company’s credentials? If so, do a thorough check!
  • How good is the forwarder’s network?
  • Is the forwarder a member of a professional organization? 

Register With Forwarder’s Site 

After selecting a suitable shipping forwarder, you need to register with the platform. Some of the platforms provide benefits like tax-free shipping, which can be leveraged by the users. You need to enter your address, i.e., where your product needs to be shipped in Canada.

Once you are through with the registration, your products will be received by that shipping forwarder on your behalf. The forwarder will then consolidate your products and use a courier service to ship your products internationally to you. If you face any kind of issue regarding the placement of your order, some of such sites can place the order on your behalf. The whole idea is just to conveniently forward your purchased order to your location in Canada. 

Place An Order and Pay

Once you are done with all the above things, you just need to make your purchase. 

Forwarding Package

Once the package arrives at the shipping forwarder’s warehouse, they will inform you by text messages, email, or any other medium. Some platforms provide a number of shipping options for users to choose from. These options basically depend on the price-speed combo. Besides, some options purely depend on the price and dimensions of your package. You can select a suitable shipping method.

Wait For The Delivery

As already mentioned above, your package will first be received by the shipping forwarder. After this, you will be notified either through text message, notifications, or e-mail. From that point, you can track your package easily. 

Since you are now ordering from a shipping forwarder, you can receive various benefits, such as subscription offers, etc. Now that your package has been in the right hands, you are all set to receive your product! Generally, a shipping forwarder firm delivers the package within 3-4 business days.

Bottom Line

So, that’s a warp up to the question – ‘Does Target ship to Canada’?

Although Target’s expansion failed in Canada, there are a plethora of ways available for Target shoppers to purchase lovely Target products in Canada. After all, people deeply miss their favorite online store in Canada. You can also get your product delivered by a Shipping Forwarder. 

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