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Rania Llewellyn: Life, career and facts about this powerful Canadian Lady

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Rania Llewellyn is one of the most influential women in Canada. On 30th October 2020, Rania Llewellyn got appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Laurentian Bank of Canada. By holding that powerful designation in one of the top banks of Canada, Rania became the first woman ever to lead a significant Chartered Bank in Canada. However, it wasn’t a feat that was achieved overnight. It was trailed by a long path.

Lyewellyn worked tirelessly day in and dat out to reach her goals. Let’s explore her entire journey and let’s discover some facts about this powerful Canadian.

Everything You Should Know About Rania Llewellyn

“Underestimate me- That’ll be fun.” This is among the most famous quotes of the lady. She has stood by this as she has never failed to surprise her. Well, she’s an epitome of hardwork and determination. Rania holds extensive experience in the banking sector for almost 26 years. Coming to snovitra her personal life, it has been a roller coaster ride.

Rania Llewellyn: Early Life

Rania Llewellyn took birth in Kuwait. Her father and mother belonged to separate states, Egypt and Jordan, respectively. They moved to Egypt  when Rania was 11 years old, and she completed high school when she was 14. She had a different set of goals back in the era because of her utterly different career outlook. In those days, an orthodox approach towards a person’s successful life was to become a doctor, a pharmacist, or an engineer. But things turned out differently for her. In her teenage years, she made her mind to do something different and hence stepped into the field of business.

However, she had to shift to Canada in the year 1992 accompanying her parents. The family’s decision to change residence was mainly forced due to the Gulf War. Her parents thought of being safe than sorry and took the right decision at the right time. By that time she had completed two years of her Bachelor’s degree.

Education of Rania Llewellyn

When young, Rania wanted to learn medicine and take her career in the same field. But when it came to land upon a desirable medical college, she decided on business studies instead. This notion came to her mind from her father’s belief that banks are secure. She wanted to have a stable life ahead with a handsome income.

As a student, Rania had studied two years of her Bachelors in Commerce at The American University in Cairo, which she completed in the year 1992. But Rania’s family had to immigrate because of the circumstances in Egypt. The family believed in going for life security first and moved to Canada. Hence, she then continued her studies at Saint Mary’s University Canada. Her Bachelor was followed by her Masters in Marketing. Lastly, she also pursued honorary doctorate from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada.

Life Struggles of Rania Llewellyn

Even after being educated with good grades, Rania Llewellyn faced many difficulties finding a job for herself in the new city. As Rania stated in one of her interviews, “No one would hire me because of my name.” When she had just completed her Bachelor’s degree, she went out in the world to get herself a job. But as the odds turned out, she could not find the right place to test her potential in the market. Hence, she started working at a fast-food restaurant company named Tim Hortons.

While working, she even completed her Master’s degree. Post that, she got a job at Scotiabank, in her initial stage as a bank teller.

Even when she went to interviews, she was either rejected for being a woman or because of her name. There had been several instances in her life when she had almost missed a chance of landing into a good position but getting turned down because she did not fit into the role. Although shy by nature, Rania had started to believe that nobody will be heard unless they speak up.

She kept trying despite all odds and landed with her first full-time job which was in Scotiabank. She saw the right moment to talk to Mr. Jack Keith, the Senior Vice President of Scotiabank for the Atlantic Region. When she was asked if she spoke Spanish, she replied, “I’ll speak whatever language you want me to speak, as long as you pay for it.” He then asked what she wanted to be in 10 years. To this, Rania wittily replied, “I want your job in 10 years”. Her wity answers landed her the job and paved way for her promotions.

The Career of Rania Llewellyn

Since Rania Llewellyn had started working while getting her Master’s degree in Marketing, she had initially worked as a part-time bank teller. But with her hard work and consistent dedication towards her career, she kept climbing the ladders of success. With the hustle and hard work, Rania landed up in the crucial positions of Vice President, CEO, or President in various branches of Scotiabank after gaining some experience. She worked as Senior Vice President of Products and Services, Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking and Growth Strategy. She then achieved the position of the President and CEO of Roynat Capital at Scotiabank, followed by SVP and Head of Canadian Operations at Roynat Capital.

After serving 26 years of her life at the Scotiabank in October 2020, she got selected for the position of President and Chief Executive Officer at the Laurentian Bank of Canada. Currently, she is working at the Laurentian Bank and has undoubtedly become an inspiration to people worldwide. She has even set the record of being the first woman to lead a major bank in Canada. Other than this, she has also become the first CEO in 25 years to come from an outside organization.

Rania’s career’s journey ever she entered into the Scotiabank wasn’t a piece of cake either. She faced many employees who did not treat her right in the organization. But she had a different aspect to look at things. Llewellyn believed that the employees and the organization are two separate bodies. However, she tried another interesting job requirement. Still, she was turned down because the company required a man and someone older than her. Several other instances were so infuriating that she even resolved not to work under a female manager based upon her previous experiences.

Personal Life

Rania Llewellyn is married to Sean Llewellyn and is blessed with two adorable kids named Sofia and Zachary. They are living happily in Canada and Rania is balancing personal and professional life beautifully. Being a mother and a working wife, Rania is a true inspiration for other ladies and men. From her we learn that if a woman decides upon something, she can hustle and give her best indeed.


Even after being an immigrant, Rania seemed to have made a spot among the highly recognized people of Canada. She always believes that all immigrants are not the same. There are refugees, field workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. And everyone seems to have their own story. In the end, all we need is someone who takes out 10 minutes of their time to listen. Kudos to Rania Llewellyn for her inspirational journey.

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