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Melanie Ethier: Where Is The Disappeared Canadian Teen

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Melanie Ethier

Melanie Ethier is a Canadian teenager who notoriously disappeared from the town of New Liskeard, Ontario in 1996. Unfortunately, she was never found again. There is no confirmation on whether she is alive or dead as her body wasn’t found either. In this post, we will find out a little about Melanie Ethier, her disappearance and how her mother feels about it today. Let’s get started.

Melanie Ethier: What Happened?

Who was Melanie Ethier?

Melanie Ethier was born on December 25th, 1980 to a Canadian mother and a Botswanian father. She had no relationship with her father who relocated back to Botswana after finishing his schooling.

Her mother Celine Ethier moved to New Liskeard when Melanie was six years old. She also had a younger sister Jessie Ethier and acted as her “second mother”. While growing up in New Liskeard, Melanie Ethier was one of just three black/biracial girls in the community.

Her friends described her as a person with a lovely personality who spoke French and English and trained as a ballerina, highland dancer and a roller skater.

The disappearance of Melanie Ethier from New Liskeard was quite surprising as the town had a population of just 11,000. Melanie Ethier was a beautiful teenager who was five feet five inches tall and with long, braided black hair. The brown eyed teenager didn’t have any history of mental illness in her life as well so her disappearance was quite puzzling for everyone who knew her.

What is Melanie Ether’s mother doing today?

Melanie Ethier’s mother is still trying to understand what led to the disappearance of her daughter on September 29, 1996. Céline Ethier refuses to give up her efforts to elucidate this mystery which has shaken her life for 22 years now.

On the bridge over the Wabi River in Temiskaming Shores, twenty-two white loops were installed by an anonymous person to mark the 22nd anniversary of Mélanie Ethier’s disappearance.

An anonymous person installed 22 white loops on the bridge over the Wabi River in Temiskaming Shores to mark the 22nd anniversary of Melanie Ethier’s disappearance on September 29, 1996. The teenager, then aged 15, was to use this bridge to return home the night she was reported missing.

The Good Samaritan also hung photos of the missing teenager and information sheets asking the public for help in locating her.

Celine Ethier found a certain comfort there, a sign that the community had not forgotten her daughter even after all these years.

What happened on the night Melanie Ethier disappeared?

Melanie had to cross this bridge to get home after spending the evening at her boyfriend’s house watching movies with friends.

At around 1:30 a.m. on September 29, 1996, she decided to walk alone. She was never seen again. She was 15 at that time.

Speaking on her daughter’s mysterious disappearance, Celine Ethier said:

“Some have told me that she was killed, that she is in the lake, that she is buried, that she has been burned, that she has been through a wood chipper. I’ve heard all the stories of what could have happened to him, but really, I don’t know what happened to her.  “

What is happening with Melanie Ethier’s investigation?

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) maintains that the investigation into the disappearance of Mélanie Ethier is still ongoing.

Over the years, new information has continued to be shared with police, said investigating officer Lisa M. Laxton.

“ This case is unique, whereas Mélanie seems to have disappeared without leaving any traces. We still believe that someone has the information we are looking for to resolve [this matter],” Laxton said.

Is Melanie Ethier dead?

Melanie Ethier’s mother also hopes to receive new leads even today. Each time, she can’t help but conduct her own little investigation before sharing the information with the authorities. But every time, after hope comes desolation. Celine Ethier has been on an emotional rollercoaster for 22 years now. Even Melanie Ethier’s sister Jessie Ethier has had a tough time dealing with her sister’s loss.

“For her, it was really hard growing up in Melanie’s shadow,” their mother remembers.

Celine Ethier knew that she was putting a lot of energy and time into unraveling the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her eldest child, but she tried to be just as present with Jessie.

Three days after the disappearance of her daughter, Céline Ethier woke up one morning with the feeling that her daughter was no longer alive. She no longer doubts it since.

“  But there was never a funeral. I still haven’t declared her dead because I want her found before I do this,” said Celine Ethier.

The investigators have offered a $50,000 reward for any valuable information shared about Melanie Ethier’s whereabouts or even any important information about what happened on the night Melanie Ethier disappeared. Celine Ethier isn’t very concerned with punishing the person who caused the disappearance of Melanie now, she is more interested in knowing about what actually happened that night so she can get some closure. Celine Ethier has pledged that until she finds any concrete info on Melanie Ethier’s status, she will continue to look for her till she is alive. 

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