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Yes or No: Is Canada Socialist?

by Your Daily Hunt

Canada is considered to be one of the highly reputed countries because of its development and economy. However, there’s one question pertaining to Canada that evokes discussion and that question is: “Is Canada Socialist”? We’ll try to address this question in this post!

Is Canada Socialist: All you need to know

While most of the Canadian policies seems to be socialist on the surface. But the thing which is necessary to understand is that what parameters are required for a nation to be called socialist. So, let’s understand that first.

What Does the Term “Socialism” Mean?

Before heading to our answer “Is Canada Socialist”, it’s important to understand the real meaning of socialism!

The official definition of socialism describes it as a political and economic theory or system of social organization that focuses on how to encourage production, distribution and exchange to be regulated by the community.

This communist model has been scrutinized and commended in equivalent measure. Some say that communism is a dolt’s trick and an unreasonable perspective on how society capacities. Others say that communism is the ideal framework for a general public that we should all endeavor to accomplish. On the off chance that you are one individual that thinks communism sounds excessively optimistic – you would be correct!

Until now, no nation has genuine communism and the translation of communism is differing significantly relying upon where you are on the planet. Hence, the answer to the question ” Is Canada Socialist’ is hard.

Communism isn’t the just financial framework that there is (in any case, there would be no discussion over ‘is Canada socialist’!). To assist us with bettering what communism is, we should contrast it with different frameworks and models presently being utilized on the planet today.

But simultaneously, there are two sides of the coins that favor and that don’t favor Canada as a socialist. Let’s discuss the factors that do not favor Canada as a socialist.

 “Is Canada Socialist”- Maybe Yes

Canada is popular for its generosity and extensive welfare programs. Canada provides facilities from old age aid to unemployment schemes. Government assistance is naturally a communist strategy. The dissemination of the state’s assets to support individuals is the premise of communism. Canada’s top-notch government assistance is one of the principal factors that immediate the inquiry ‘is Canada communist.’ 

Canada gained popularity due to its free healthcare which is genuinely unable to ignore as free healthcare is considered to be a socialist policy. It stresses on the notion of quality medical services provided to all without discussing one’s identity and earnings.

Another fact which supports that Canada’s socialist theory is the tax rate in Canada, which is 28 % and 10 % higher than the U.S. which means that they help fund infrastructure and ensure that everyone is contributing an equal percentage of their income towards the community.

It’s time to broadly look at some of the factors that favor the country as a socialist.

1. Healthcare

If you are still wondering whether Canada is socialist or not, it’s important for you not to overlook Canada’s free healthcare. Right from start, free healthcare has been the country’s great achievements, making them ahead of other nations.

As it helps level the playing field, free healthcare is generally considered to be a socialist policy. And the best thing about Canada is that who you are and how much you earn does not affect your access to high-end medical services.

2. Welfare Programs: There’s no denying the fact that Canada is well known for its generous and extensive welfare programs ranging from old-age benefits, child welfare to employment schemes. Welfare is an important socialist policy and Canada’s welfare is one of the main factors that arises the question ‘is Canada socialist.’

3. Taxes: Did you know?  “The practical tax rate in Canada is 28 percent while the practical tax rate in the United States is just 18 percent”.

Following our question, ‘is Canada socialist,’ this is a point in its favour!

Taxes are socialist as they help fund infrastructure, ensuring everyone is contributing an equal amount towards the community.

Well, people have different views on socialism!

It does not mean that people will get the equal amount of money! Instead, it means that welfare, infrastructure, universal basic income, education, and other benefits should be easily available and accessible by all. This would ultimately mean that every individual in the country should be getting an equal playing field.

Facts That Oppose Canada’s Socialist Status

1. Election: As per Canada’s multiparty elections Canada could be quite socialist under one administration but could be a capitalist nation under another administration. It depicts Canada cannot be a genuine socialist as true socialism require socialist parties with policies.

2. Control Economy: Canada is as yet an unregulated economy paying little heed to how great its government assistance and advantages frameworks are. A centre rule of communism is that individuals have control of big business and creation.

Canada doesn’t have this framework as the state just controls around 35% of the market (as opposed to the base 80% seen under communism). Consequently, the response to ‘is Canada communist’ is no.

3. Private Business: Another reason the answer to ‘is Canada socialist’ is no because of its private ownership.  Everyone knows that Communism doesn’t believe in private ownership of any kind but till now Canada has a private business, land ownership, and private schools and hospitals as well. Canada’s all sectors are private so it can’t be a socialist.

4. Education: As per Socialism to ensure zero discrimination among the people quality of education should be free to all. However, for Canada education sector provides profits in many areas so it cannot be free which is firmly capitalist.

In this way, the response to ‘is Canada communist’ is… not actually! Canada is a social majority – an industrialist.

Final Thoughts

Is Canada Socialist?

So, the right answer to our question ‘is Canada socialist’ is… not really!

Canada is a Social democracy – that is infused with a multitude of socialist policies to improve the quality of life. And the best part is that the region is an ideal blend of socialism and capitalism that works for them.

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