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How to Get G1 License in Ontario ? A Complete Guide Updated for 2023 !!

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how to get g1 license in Ontario

Anyone who wants to drive on Ontario roads must follow few prerequisites like – He/she must hold a valid driver license all the time, should have an owner’s permit and Insurance and obviously must follow all Traffic rules. Ontario has around 15 types of different license, where each license certifies to drive a specific type of vehicle and all licenses comes with certain conditions If you want to drive a car, small truck, or Van you must hold a G class license. G1 license is the first stage in Ontario’s graduated licensing program and its further followed by the G2 license, and finally we get the full G license.

Basic requirements to get a G1 license – In order to get a driver’s license in Ontario below are the requirements which one must follow:

  • Applicant must be at least 16 years Old.
  • Applicant must pass an eye test.
  • Applicant must have passed the knowledge test about the traffic and road rules and signs.

To pass the knowledge test one must study the Official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Driver’s Handbook. In this knowledge test you will be asked questions based on the contents of the Driver’s Handbook, traffic rules, regulations and laws, recognition of lights, identifying traffic signs and safety rules. One must obtain minimum of 80% to pass this test.

Once you have passed above 3 criteria, you will get a G1 license. G1 permit is valid for or five years from the date of issue. It is considered as beginner license, and you need further practice driving over the time to get experienced and full G license.

Study for Knowledge test and where to apply for- If you want to prepare for the knowledge test, Ontario’s Official Driver Handbook will help you. It covers all basic rules and traffic laws of driving on road. One can get this handbook online through ServiceOntario or can purchase from retail stores also. You can also get it from Drive Test centres. Once you have done your preparation you can visit any of the drive Test centres to apply for a knowledge test. During test you must carry original identification that shows your legal name and date of birth.

G1 Package fees- The G1 package includes the knowledge test fees and fee for taking the G2 road test that moves you into the next phase of the graduated licensing system. The fee for G1 package is $160 plus taxes. If you fail the knowledge test the reattempt fee is $16.

G1 license – Rules and Regulations

  • G1 License holder must maintain a zero-blood alcohol during driving.
  • Shouldn’t drive between midnight to 5AM.
  • Shouldn’t drive on 400-series highways or high-speed expressways.
  • G1 holder should drive a fully licensed driver who has at least 4-5 years of driving experience.

Usually, once practice with G1 license for 12 months.

G2 road test (G1 exit test)

Once you have practiced with G1 license for 12 months you can apply for G2 road test. It’s a 20-minute test which take place on the road under government examiner supervision. This G2 road test includes basic driving skillset test such as:

  • Turning left and right
  • Stopping and parallel parking
  • one-way streets
  • lane changes & 3-point turns.
  • driving in residential neighbour hoods.
  • traffic lights, stop and road signs.

Once you clear the above test you get a G2 license. Once you practice with G2 license for 12 months you can now drive on all Ontario roads without any other experience driver in the car. In most of the cases you can drive anytime of the day and night, no such restrictions. But please ensure you still maintain a zero-blood alcohol level.

G road test (G2 exit test)

After practicing with G2 license for 12 month you can now apply for G road test. It’s the most advanced test which covers more advanced and highly skilled driving techniques such as driving on an expressway etc. Here you will be checked on your defensive driving skills. Once you pass this test you get a full G license.

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