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Best Crypto Tracker Apps and Crypto Portfolio Tools

by Your Daily Hunt
Best Crypto Tracker Apps and Crypto Portfolio Tools

The majority of intermediate and experienced cryptocurrency traders utilize many wallets for various purposes and hold funds across numerous blockchains. This might make keeping track of your cryptocurrency net worth extremely difficult.

You can monitor the overall number and worth of your cryptocurrencies in real-time throughout all wallets, exchanges, networks, and blockchains with a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. These programs enable you to keep track of previous transactions, their value, and their origins or destinations. Additionally, they provide any cryptocurrency prices that they support in real-time. On a single platform, some people advocate trading assets that are kept on many exchanges. This article has a list of useful tracking tools to make your challenges easier.

1. CoinTracker

It makes even more sense to use for improved compatibility with portfolio tracking. With more than 300 exchanges and more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies supported by coin takers, you can be sure to be able to track every investment you make. The import of transactions via an API key or a CSV file is supported depending on the exchange.

Real-time market value is displayed, cost basis accounting is optimized, and tax loss harvesting is supported. You get daily portfolio updates in addition to performance graphs by date and cryptocurrency. Last but not least, you can start with five wallets for free and upgrade to paid levels for more.

2. CoinStats

With Coin Starts, a premium cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, you can manage any portfolio on both desktop and mobile devices and receive individualized crypto news and analyses. The API keys provide support for various wallets and exchange accounts. Once configured, CoinStats puts crucial data at one’s fingertips to make investment decisions easier. You receive graphs that display the growth for each asset or the entire portfolio.

Heat maps are also used to separate organizations that make losses from those that make profits. The analytics sections list the leading coins, exchangers, total fees, withdrawals, and loss-producing coins. There isn’t a free tier, which is unfortunate. However, it offers a 3-day free trial so you may assess its applicability to your needs.

3. The Crypto App

The cryptocurrency app is a well-regarded portfolio tracker & news aggregator available solely for smartphones. Top exchanges and built-in blockchain wallets can be integrated with this application. However, the majority of users appear to appreciate its widgets, which enable you to keep updated without constantly opening the program from the home screen. A free version of the Crypto App with fewer features is financed by ads.

The pro edition, however, allows for the addition of an infinite number of wallets and exchanges for a one-time fee. More gadgets, UI customization, a completely ad-free experience, and real-time data including over 200 crypto trading platforms are also included in the subscription edition.

4. Delta

Contrary to what we have covered thus far, Delta Investment Tracker is an application that allows you to retain an overview of your whole investment portfolio, including cryptocurrency. You can connect between two exchange platforms with the free version, however, this restriction is removed in the paid version. A similar procedure will be used when adding cryptocurrency wallets. Additionally, a built-in news section gathers articles that fit your portfolio.

The entire transaction, coin split, & source may all be analyzed by free users. The excellent and bad investment choices, fee breakdown, and other information are displayed in the pro version. In conclusion, those who have a varied portfolio that includes equities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, bonds, etc. should choose this.

5. CoinGecko

One of the top cryptocurrency portfolio monitors for those that deal less regularly is Coin Gecko. This program forgoes automation and depends on good ol’ human inputs; you will be inputting all of your transactions to ensure the accuracy of the facts. To view the combined gains or losses, you may also establish numerous portfolios. Some people may find the absence of API entries to be a deal-breaker, but this keeps your investment secret. Additionally, you may enter an unlimited number of test transactions and make plans appropriately. Last but not least, CoinGecko presents a free experience to argue against the lack of some sophisticated features.

6. CoinMarketCap

With manual input of transactions, Coin Market cap’s cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is comparable to CoinGecko. It’s also free and appropriate for a limited number of transactions. Additionally, you may make numerous portfolios and choose how you want to see the changes. Although it is also free, this does not have some of the premium features found in other portfolio monitoring services.

7. Already

With support for API connectivity and transaction input by XLSX or CSV upload, Altrady is a cutting-edge trading and cryptocurrency portfolio platform. You may use Altrady to build a password-protected vault where you can store all of your API keys. Additionally, this crypto tool offers choices for configuring two-factor authentication and authenticating certain devices. Additionally, you may post notes with images of the charts to prevent past errors. Additionally, Altrady monitors and integrates significant market news into the dashboard. Finally, Altrady appears to be the best option for experienced traders but offers no free memberships.

8. Kubera

Kubera is a reliable tool for tracking investments that manages a wide range of assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, your home, vehicle, websites, and more. It enables API import for crypto. However, if a certain exchange isn’t mentioned, you may also enter trades manually. Pie charts are used to display the proportion of each asset within the portfolio. Your 14-day trial of Kubera will only set you back $1, which is again odd but a reasonable tactic to stave off freeloaders. Finally, this is the greatest cryptocurrency portfolio monitor for minimalists and a really simple program.

9. Coinigy

With its free lifetime plan, Coinigy offers a 30-day trial that includes all of its advanced features. The transaction data may be imported via an API via wallet addresses. The dashboard features sections for top gainers and losers, line and bar charts, and asset allocation. . In the Boards tab, you can also create custom panels that display news about a particular term, currency rates at specific platforms, and much more. Including its free tier and helpful features, this trading-heavy site might be a fantastic bargain overall.

10. CoinTracking

A highly thorough and effective cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is coin monitoring. Some people may find the volume of knowledge overwhelming right away, but if you stick with it, you’ll learn a tonne of insightful things. With API, CSV, or handwritten input, transaction importation is simple. Additionally, you may directly add the bitcoin wallet and sync your data in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can begin free of charge for the first 200 transactions. You shouldn’t pass up using the greatest cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, which is this one.

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