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Looking for Online Shopping? eBay Canada – Products , Buyer / Seller Registrations etc.

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eBay Canada is Canadian version of American multinational e-commerce company which facilitates B2C and C2C sales through its website.
It provides unique platform for e-commerce market that enables individuals and businesses to buy and sell products. On this website a wide variety of goods and
services are available for Users. eBay Canadian websites was launched in 2000 in Toronto, Canada. https://www.ebay.ca/ is the official website for eBay Canada.
User can also download eBay App for free on iOS and Android Mobile Phones for free.

Services and Items

eBay Canada provides a wide range of services and products like books, Coins, electronic equipment’s, Health and Beauty related products, musical instruments, stamps, Toys, Sporting goods and many more. By this vast range of services eBay Canada is creating ripple effect for our customers and communities in very positive way. Theoretically anything can be auctioned on website if it’s not illegal and don’t violate the protocols set up by eBay Prohibited and Restricted Items policy.
On the website there is an option of Watch list where a user can add the items of his preferred choice for watching before finally, he makes up his mind to buy.
User can choose “Add to Chart” option for the items he wish to buy. Finally, he can click on shopping Cart icon for purchase checkout. All the items user has brought will show under Purchases tab.

Prohibited or restricted items

For certain items listing and auction is prohibited on eBay Canada. Few of the banned categories are as below:
Tobacco Related Products, Drugs, Firearms and Ammunitions, Lottery Tickets, Sexually Oriented Material, Explosives, Human Body Parts etc.


To get self-register in ebay Canada is very simple. It provides you two option to choose what type of account do you want to create.
1) Personal Account – User just need to provide his basic details like Name, email ID, contact information etc.
2) Business account- Need to provide business name, business email id, Business location, Contact details etc.
Under Messages tab User can view all messages exchanged with other eBay members

Buyers and Sellers

eBay Canada is a one stop shop for all buyers and sellers. This website provides free usage access to all buyers, but sellers are charged for premium fees for
listing Items after few limited initial free offers. Once any items get sold sellers has to pay an additional fee for that. For few categories eBay only charge from seller once Item is sold out. Buyer can choose any items of its desired list from shop by category list. After selecting the category several filters can be further applied like Brand, Model, Price etc to select the Item and then order can be placed based on listing type if it Auction based or Buy it now.
Seller can also opt for eBay Store based on different packages like Basic, Premium, or Anchor. For eBay Store User had to pay a monthly subscription fee but he
gets premium facilities like more listings with zero insertion fees and minimal final fee payment once item is sold out.


At eBay Canada Products or items can be sold by below two methodologies.
1) Auction Process- In this process different Buyers input the maximum price they are willing to pay for the desired product and the Site automatically increases bids as necessary.
2) Buy it Now- Seller is also provided this option. In which Buy It Now price is available by the time Someone bids for the item. Once Buy it now option disappears
then Auction Process listing proceeds further. Basically, this feature enables its buyers to purchase items at a set price.

Shipping and Return Policy

Once Item is sold on eBay Canada it provides numerous options to Sellers to choose the shipping-method like Ordinary mail, express mail or Courier Service.
It’s up to seller choice now if he wants to provide all shipping method to buyer or just one out of those. Once item is sold buyer can purchase a label from eBay.
This ebay Label is automatically filled with Buyer’s address. During shipping once the buyer applies this label it gets some discount over standard shipping charges.
ebay Canada Return policy is also very simple. Buyer needs to go to Purchase history under My eBay, then in More actions and now select Return this Item.
Now need to select the reason for return. On few instances based on seller’s Return policy eBay can connect the buyer directly to the seller.
Buyer will now be issued with a Packing slip and label and the item can be packed now and shipped it back.

eBay Refurbished

eBay Canada provides budget friendly smart option of “eBay Refurbished”. It is a concept where refurbished products are sold with 1 to 2 Year warranty.
This empowers the buyers to get the exact product they want in optimum condition and on better price. Free shipping in included with every such purchase.

Payment Options

The most easy and convenient way to make payments for your selected item on ebay Canada is PayPal. If you have PayPal account, user can link this with eBay account which helps in faster payment during checkout. If User don’t have PayPal account, he needs to check for the payment options available for that item.
Credit and Debit Cards, GPay and Apple Pay are few other payment options which can be used on eBay Canada.

Many more details available on how to launch a new ecommerce site.

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