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10 Reasons Behind Increased use of Crypto in Online Casino

by Your Daily Hunt
10 Reasons behind increased use of crypto in online Casino

What is Crypto?

Crypto is a digital currency which facilitates exchange between different parties through a computer network. Cryptocurrency exchange is not authorized or governed by any central government body like Bank or government provides people alternative way to transfer money over Internet as compared to traditional currency exchange which is regulated by Central Banks.

Evolution of Crypto

Crypto has open new platforms for trading and provided a viable investment opportunity for people from different parts of the world. It provides much more easy option for a person with limited budget to invest as compared to traditional Stock market. In the upcoming years crypto is going to play a vital role in global economy, as its evolving and growing with the snap of time. Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency which came into the market in 2009. It was developed by Mining Process and Blockchain methodology was used to secure it. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two most credible, trusted crypto which has established themselves as tradable assets.

Future Growth of Crypto

Global market is speeding up its pace towards the acceptance of the cryptocurrencies. Various platforms around the world are now providing trades option in crypto. The future of crypto will mainly depend upon its participating bodies such as Consumers, Merchants, Investors, Developers, regulators etc.

Digital and Online Banking- with massive turnaround in no of digital transaction over the years, it opens a good future growth path for Crypto. Global payment methods like G-Pay and Apple Pay  are integrating with Crypto also to use it as a digital transaction.

Big investors are ultra-positive about the potential of crypto which further helps in the expansion of this technology.

More n more crypto exchanges are growing which itself speak about the surge in volume of Crypto demand.

Eventually at the end it will largely depend upon the Merchants and Consumers which way the future of Crypto will go.

Its not only about crypto trade, but it also has a huge potential to be looked like other genuine currency which can be utilized to purchase products in day-to-day life.

Expansion of Crypto in various Industries

Crypto has gain a tremendous popularity with passing time. Crypto which initially looked like a craze has changed the mindset of people now and transformed itself as a currency of future. Yes, Crypto is here to stay for long and its just growing and expanding. Many of the traditional industries have adopted crypto now due its advantage over traditional transactions method. Below are the few industries which are getting most benefit from crypto adaptation.  

Healthcare Sector, Energy, Financial Services and Casino.

Crypto and Casino – A perfect combo

Casinos and gambling industry has been one of the best candidates in adoption of the Crypto. A made for each other combo. There are several casinos around the world offering crypto currency as a medium to play traditional online games. Crypto casinos have been existing in the world since 2014. 7BitCasino was one of this Crypto Casino. It won’t be exaggeration to say that crypto is the future of Casinos. Crypto offers several benefits for casinos as compared to traditional paper currency.

Below are few main factors due to which we are seeing the surge in crypto use in online Casinos:

1.   Flexibility of Payments

The biggest bottleneck which people face with Online Casinos is long and bit complicated process of payments and withdrawals.  Crypto here provided the flexibility to verify the transactions using Block Chain and validate them further via smart Contracts. This makes the flow control of funds very smooth from and to accounts. This is key advantage which tempts players to Crypto Casinos.

2 .  Easy to Access

Online Casinos have several restrictions and regulations across the world. Different Regulation body and government have put some type of bans in online gaming. Mostly it is because the government want to have a close control over their citizens on their earned money via Online gaming. Crypto Casinos are hot favorite in this type of markets or countries as players can get payment in Cryptocurrency of their choice, it will be hassle free transaction for them.

3 .  Minimal House Edge

Traditional Casinos usually charge around 5-10 % as House Edge which is a good amount of money which goes from a player pocket to casino. On the other end Crypto Casinos are charging very minimal between 1-2 % as a House edge. This attractive discount is working as a catalyst for Crypto Casinos to attract more players.

4.  Crypto Popularity worldwide

This is one of the key factors for most of the online casinos to adopt crypto. Nowadays mostly people are familiar with Crypto, NFT and the blockchain. Crypto is gradually becoming an unofficial legitimate currency and attracting the younger generation most. These youngsters are the one mostly involved in Online casino gaming’s.

5.  Data Privacy

Usually, a lot of information is asked on Online Casinos during signup or registration before eventually you can start playing. Though this is important, but many players are not comfortable in sharing any such info and they feel reluctant. Whereas privacy of crypto currency gives a platform to online casinos to cut down the need of player details as instant transactions of crypto can be validated spontaneously via public blockchain.

6.  Security

Due to adaptation of advance blockchain technology crypto has high level of security inbuilt. This technology protects the gamblers and Casinos. There is no need to enter any private Credit Card/Debit Card details or any such account details. Gamblers can just deposit their favourite crypto which can be validated on the spot, and they can start playing. This technology puts a break on hacking and protects illegal trading.

7.  Transparency

Crypto provides incredulous transparency in online gambling industry. On traditional Casinos users may thought that their system is instructed to minimize the winning possibility. On other had crypto Casinos maintain a public ledger as a part of blockchain network which keeps records of all gaming transactions. They provide legitimacy by ease of access to every records.

8.  Elimination of Fraud

Open-source programming algorithms powered by crypto in blockchain Casino ensure the elimination of fraud and any financial breach.

9.  Instant Transactions

Unlike other online casinos crypto casino provides Instant tr breach. Transaction, Deposit, and withdrawal of fund is done within seconds due to use of Crypto.

10.  Anonymous Gambling

For Players looking for anonymity Crypto Casinos are the best place.  In few crypto Casinos User don’t need to provide any info, just needs to be connected to blockchain network and can’t start playing

Blackjack Crypto

Blackjack- One of the most popular card game in Canada and worldwide . It is also one of the most played online Casino games using Crypto currency. This game can be played using different Cryptocurrencies. Few of the online Casino sites offering Blackjack play via Crypto are Stak.

e, CloudBet, Bitcasino, Thunderpick etc.

How to Play blackjack at casino and role of crypto:

Players in Blackjack do not compete against each other. The game is a comparing card game where each player is going to competes against the dealer.

At a blackjack table, the croupier faces up to nine playing positions (min 5 players), behind a semicircular table. Cards are shuffled  together between one and eight standard 52-card decks. To start each round, players are going to place bets in the “betting box” at each positions. The player is going to controls the position whose bet is at the front of the betting box, and  later on the dealer is going to consult the controlling player for playing decisions; the other bettors then “play behind”. A player can then usually bet(control) in as many boxes as desired at a single table but playing on more than one table for individual is not allowed at a time or place. In majority of the U.S. casinos, players are limited to playing only one to three positions at a table.

The player has up to five options mentioned below after initial 2 cards. Each option is associated with a corresponding hand signal.

  • Hit: Take another card.

Resemblance: Scrape cards against table; tap the table with finger or wave hand toward body

  • Stand: Take no more cards; also known as stay.

Resemblance: Slide cards under chips; wave hand horizontally

  • Double down: Increase the initial bet by 2 folds or 100% and take exactly one more card. The additional bet is going to be placed next to the original bet.

Resemblance: Beside the original bet, place additional chips outside the betting box and point with one finger.

  • Split: Create two hands where both cards are the identical value. Each new hand gets another card in order that the player has two starting hands. this needs an additional bet on the second hand. the 2 hands are played out independently, and thus wager on each hand is won or lost independently.

Resemblance Place additional chips next to the first bet outside the betting box and point with two fingers spread into a V formation.

  • Surrender: Forfeit half the bet and end the hand immediately.

Resemblance: Spoken; No Standard symbols.

Cryptos running on blockchain technology facilitating easy transaction. Players can directly send money to casinos without any intervention. Due to this uniqueness crypto is hot favorite for Blackjack game.


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